LBX Odin Mk-2

I got this kit over a year ago and only painted it halfway before I had to move across Japan. After that I pretty much stopped messing around with these things for a long time. Recently I decided to finish up this guy and after several weeks of occasional marker painting, here it is.

IMG_3954 - Copy

IMG_3955 - Copy

These were pictures I took of the kit over a year ago before I started painting it.

IMG_3956 - Copy

IMG_6289 - Copy IMG_6293 - Copy

Here’s how it looks after painting with Gundam markers.

IMG_6301 - Copy IMG_6302 - Copy IMG_6303 - Copy IMG_6304 - Copy IMG_6305 - Copy IMG_6306 - Copy IMG_6307 - Copy IMG_6308 - Copy

Overall views. As I don’t have most of my tools with me I didn’t fix the annoying seam lines on the kit.

IMG_6297 - Copy

The crown on this guy is ridiculously huge and blocks most of its face. Clear parts are used for the eyes and chin (no idea why), but the clear eyes aren’t too visible as is usually the case.

IMG_6298 - Copy

The arms are more bulked up compared to its predecessor.

IMG_6299 - Copy

The back is a mess and the arrangement of the wings makes them bump into everything all the time.

IMG_6300 - Copy

Legs. The loose double knee joints don’t make them much better than its predecessor though.

IMG_6309 - Copy

If you are patient enough when handling the kit it actually has a fairly decent range of articulation.

IMG_6310 - Copy

I like that most LBX kits have a very wide sideways range on their ankles.

IMG_6311 - Copy

This kit comes with a stand but it isn’t really adjustable so I used a Tamashii Stage instead.

IMG_6313 - Copy

The final battle against Mizel O-Legion in the second season was awesome, especially the parts where teamwork was involved. Unfortunately I didn’t buy that kit nor Minerva Kai so I can’t completely recreate any of the fight scenes. I had to rummage through all my cardboard boxes to find my Achilles D9 though.

IMG_6314 - Copy

Like Odin it has a simple transformation but if I remember correctly it wasn’t used as an Attack Function against the final boss in the anime.

IMG_6316 - Copy


IMG_6322 - Copy IMG_6323 - Copy


IMG_6321 - Copy

IMG_6320 - Copy IMG_6318 - Copy

IMG_6325 - Copy

Victory pose.

IMG_6317 - Copy

The effect parts came from this set and you can re-use them for other kits too.

I realized I forgot to stick the sticker for the left shoulder. Oops. Paint-wise this guy didn’t require as much painting compared to Odin. I really liked the Hyper Function kits but it’s sad the whole merchandise deal fizzled out once the third season ended.


2 thoughts on “LBX Odin Mk-2”

  1. Hey there, was able to dug out this kit out of my backlogs only to found out that it has been invaded by termites, ugh…. do you have the assembly guide book scanned ? Since to most reliable site HobbySearch didn’t provide one…any help?

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