SH Figuarts Iron Man Mk 45

Besides the Iron Man movies, Iron Man’s appearances in the Avengers movies also has him using a different suit every time, and at least an upgrade gets to debut too. They’re like toy commercials for his toys, and people like me are just suckered into buying them. I skipped the Mk 43 because I already have the Mk 42, and I’m not hardcore enough to afford the Hulkbuster in any of its renditions.

IMG_6222 - Copy

IMG_6223 - Copy

The box design is identical to that of Captain America.

IMG_6224 - Copy


IMG_6225 - Copy

Contents. You get 3 pairs of hands and 3 pairs of blaster effects. The accessory count is identical to Mk 42 and 43, but this time the hands come with their own hand guards which is a huge life saver.

IMG_6226 - Copy

IMG_6227 - Copy

IMG_6228 - Copy

IMG_6229 - Copy

IMG_6230 - Copy

IMG_6231 - Copy

IMG_6232 - Copy

IMG_6233 - Copy

Overall views. The Mk 45 differs from previous suits as it has much more organic design, looking less like a mechanical suit of armour. The figure is completely painted in metallic red and gold, and on my figure there were numerous blemishes and nicks on the paint job even before I started playing with it. 😦

IMG_6234 - Copy

The eyes are painted in a metallic blue. This time the arc reactor Repulsor Transmitter (RT) on the chest has no molded detail.

IMG_6235 - Copy

The waist is made of several connected sections unlike figures of previous suits which have the waist as a single piece.

IMG_6236 - Copy

Arms. The sculpt and panel lines give off the impression of skinless exposed muscle.

IMG_6237 - Copy

On the back you can see the separate waist sections more easily. There are no articulated back flaps.

IMG_6238 - Copy

Legs. I like the intricate molding on the thighs. On this figure, the feet are diecast and the figure also weighs significantly heavier than Captain America. On my copy the right toe area has faded paint.

IMG_6239 - Copy

Articulation. The neck has superior range as usual, with a double ball joint on top and another ball joint at the base of the neck. The collar area has a large gap and the chin can fit inside.

IMG_6240 - Copy

The ab crunch is facilitated by the separated sections on the waist. It’s a very nice design but I couldn’t tell how the joints worked and just pulled on them expecting a Super Robot Chogokin-style extending joint but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I’m glad I didn’t break the figure though.

IMG_6241 - Copy

The back of the neck is a single piece but it also has very nice molded detail.

IMG_6242 - Copy

The shoulders can also extend to increase their range. On the Mk 42 and 43 the chest plate gets in the way but this time on the Mk 45 it’s the back plate that sticks out instead.

IMG_6243 - Copy

The waist doesn’t have much range bending backwards but the head more than makes up for it.

IMG_6244 - Copy

The triple-jointed neck allows Iron Man to look around effortlessly. The arms have a wide range thanks to the extending shoulders and double-jointed elbows. The wrist joints are ordinary ball joints, not the ball-shaped swivel joints. The body rotates only slightly at the upper waist.

IMG_6245 - Copy

The hips are on extending joints, but the crotch piece has sharp edges which will scrape and ruin the paint on the thighs. The knees are double jointed with a massive ugly knee section. This time Bandai didn’t employ some sort of collapsing mechanism.

IMG_6246 - Copy

The ankle guards are movable but they still limit forward range on the ankles.

IMG_6247 - Copy

Like previous figures the thigh swivel is a ball joint so you can get it into a weird pose like this.

IMG_6248 - Copy

One pair of hands has pegs on the palm repulsors so you can stick the effects on them.

IMG_6249 - Copy

A smaller pair of effect parts is included.

IMG_6250 - Copy

Those that go on the feet are really loose on my copy though.

IMG_6251 - Copy

I like how Iron Man’s armour has evolved into a more organic appearance this time to evoke the Bleeding Edge armour in the comics but given that both the Mk 42 and 43 were autonomous and prehensile pieces of armour I’m not sure what’s the Mk 45’s unique function other than having a different AI.

IMG_6252 - Copy

IMG_6253 - Copy

IMG_6254 - Copy

I had to adjust the screws on my stand as it couldn’t take the weight of this figure. The claw grips are also too loose.

IMG_6255 - Copy

IMG_6256 - Copy

IMG_6257 - Copy

IMG_6258 - Copy

IMG_6259 - Copy

You have to carefully manipulate the hip joints to get the figure into this pose without ruining the paint job.

IMG_6260 - Copy

Size comparison. It seems Captain America’s barrel-chested look is even more apparent in this picture. I forgot to dig up my Mk 42 for a comparison pic too.

While I’m happy with the sculpt on this figure and the fixed hand guards, the paint job leaves something to be desired as on my copy there are numerous nicks and blemishes on unexpected areas along with the faded paint on the right toe.



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  1. Very nice review, would you be kind enough to propose what is the best ironman figurine as per your opinion?

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