figma Kiryuin Satsuki

Warning: May be NSFW if you have an aversion to skimpily-clad girls!

Kill la Kill is probably a well-known anime by this point. I didn’t catch it when it first came out, and missed out on figma Ryuko which seems to be fetching a pretty penny on the secondary market.

IMG_6155 - Copy

IMG_6156 - Copy


IMG_6158 - Copy


IMG_6159 - Copy

You also get a paper standee and a plain blue di:stage skin.

IMG_6160 - Copy

Contents. You get two extra faces, her Bakuzan sword and sheath, the scissor blade Katatachi Basami in both normal and Decapitation Mode, joint parts to complete the scissors, 9 extra hands (4 pairs + 1 left hand) and a spare wrist joint. Not pictured is the standard figma stand and parts bag.

IMG_6162 - Copy IMG_6163 - Copy IMG_6164 - Copy IMG_6165 - Copy IMG_6166 - Copy IMG_6167 - Copy IMG_6168 - Copy IMG_6169 - Copy

Overall views. I guess there’s nothing much to say about the ridiculous costume design heh. The paint job is near-perfect on my copy of the figure. Due to the weight of the hair it’s difficult to get the figure to balance without using the stand.

IMG_6192 - Copy

The antennae on the head are made of hard plastic so one has to be careful when handling them. I’m not sure if it’s just my copy but they are asymmetrical.

IMG_6193 - Copy

Faces are swapped by removing the fringe which is made of soft plastic.

IMG_6194 - Copy

Shouting face.

IMG_6195 - Copy

The suspender strap-like things and the skirt-like bits on the thighs are made of soft plastic.

IMG_6196 - Copy

Arms. The ends of the sleeves are made of soft plastic.

IMG_6197 - Copy

Rear. Probably one of the main draws of this figure.

IMG_6198 - Copy

Legs. The skirt things on the thighs are connected to the hips via pegs.

IMG_6199 - Copy

The extra left hand is for holding the sword sheath. You can remove the sword handle but it won’t fit the actual sword.

IMG_6200 - Copy

The blade portion of Bakuzan is really thin.

IMG_6201 - Copy

Katatachi Basami. I don’t have Ryuko to complete it though.

IMG_6202 - Copy

Decapitation Mode.

IMG_6203 - Copy

Articulation. Due to the massive shoulder pads and long hair, head and shoulder articulation range is severely limited. The back of her hair is split into two sections on their own joints with the back of the head made of soft plastic.

IMG_6204 - Copy

She can’t really look up but I guess it’s not a problem since all she pretty much does is look down on people all the time.

IMG_6205 - Copy

The shoulder pads are on their own joints connected to the back. There is also another joint inside which doesn’t really have any range and just gets in the way of things. Her shoulders are also on extendable joints.

IMG_6206 - Copy

As a result of the massive shoulder pads you can’t raise her arms or rotate her head much. The chest joint is also limited by the suspender straps.

IMG_6207 - Copy

The legs can splay wide without any problems…

IMG_6208 - Copy

But forward range is limited. There isn’t much sideways ankle range too.


IMG_6209 - Copy

Her trademark pose I guess?


IMG_6210 - Copy

A pair of hands is dedicated to this pose.


IMG_6211 - CopyIMG_6212 - CopyIMG_6213 - Copy

Despite the joints on the shoulder pads they just get in the way all the time. Quite frustrating.


IMG_6214 - Copy

It’s tough to get her in a decent pose looking sideways. Also, the left-facing smirking face kinda limits the poses too.


IMG_6215 - CopyIMG_6216 - Copy

At this point I kinda gave up trying to turn her head.


IMG_6219 - CopyIMG_6220 - Copy

And the shoulders too. Can’t get the arms to raise without cursing and swearing.


IMG_6221 - Copy

Just a useless extra pic. Removing the thigh pieces leaves behind holes on the hips.

While the ridiculous costume design is rendered faithfully with great sculpt and paint job quality, I can’t help but get frustrated at the lack of articulation around the head and shoulders. I guess it’s more of an issue with the character design, but the useless joints hidden inside the shoulder pads makes me think perhaps they could have been better-designed on this figure.




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