Soul of Chogokin Goldymarg – Part 2

Continuing the review with a transformation into Marg Hand.

Goldion Hammer! Activation approved!

Roger! Goldion Hammer safety device, relieve!

System Change!

IMG_6021 - Copy

Goldymarg’s head is flattened and pushed into the hammer head. The handle/tank barrel is fully extended. The orange connecting joint in the middle of the handle is die-cast. The gray barrel tip section locks the handle in the straightened position. Pressing the scope on the hammer head makes both ends of the hammer extend with a pop.

IMG_6022 - Copy

The fist is deployed by unfolding it out from the back. It has a wrist joint with 45 degree detents.

IMG_6023 - Copy

The hand is rotated 180 degrees and extended.

IMG_6024 - Copy

A clear support part is clipped into the back. I suppose it makes the Marg Hand mode more solid, but sticklers for perfect transformation would probably not want to use it. The arms are transformed the same way into tank mode.

IMG_6025 - Copy

The legs are joined together and swung backwards to clip into the back and the clear support piece to complete the transformation.

IMG_6026 - Copy

Due to the sheer weight of everything, the stand is a must. It comes with two supports for holding up the Marg Hand in one of two possible orientations. In the above pose, the stand support has two rings which correspond to two of the wheels. You simply rest the Marg Hand on them. When using the undersized hand, it has a tab in the palm to clip onto the handle of the hammer. There is also an optional orange support piece that you can clip to the original connecting port to give the Marg Hand elbow an extra point of articulation.

IMG_6033 - Copy

You can also swap out the hand for a more appropriately-sized version which is still slightly undersized in my opinion. This version of the hand doesn’t have a tab in the palm but the thumb keeps the index finger locked, preventing any major loss of grip on the hammer. Either way, there are also detents in the wrist to allow for rotation 45 degrees at a time. Despite the huge joint, it can still come undone due to the weight of the hammer.

Hammer Connect!

IMG_6034 - Copy

The other stand support is used in this case and seems to be relatively more secure.

IMG_6035 - Copy

Goldion Hammer!!!

IMG_6036 - Copy IMG_6037 - Copy

Hammer Hell!

IMG_6038 - Copy

As expected, you can’t pose GaoGaiGar driving the nail into its hapless victim.

IMG_6039 - Copy

Even this pose was a pain to pull off as both the hammer and Marg Hand could slip off their supports any time. The weight of the hammer itself could also cause the hand to detach at the wrist.

Hammer Heaven!

IMG_6040 - Copy

And as some would insist,

Hikari ni nareeeeeee!!!

(Be turned to light!!!)

IMG_6041 - Copy

All it needs is some photoshop to add in a light beam and lots of sparkles.

IMG_6042 - Copy

Here’s a size comparison. I think strictly speaking Goldymarg is a bit oversized.

Unsurprisingly, as mentioned in the previous part, this toy aims to please with its transformation and heavily sacrifices articulation to do so. If you really want a dynamically posable toy, the smaller Super Robot Chogokin is much more playable without the constraints of weight and transformation complexities.

While GaoGaiGar itself appealed with its nearly show-accurate transformation, its sheer size and weight made it a bit more cumbersome to handle. Add the Goldion Hammer to the mix and he simply turns into a massive display, as putting the whole deal into any sort of pose (if it’s even possible) is a hair-raising ordeal.

On the other hand, when you mess with Goldymarg himself, he’s just the right size and the transformation is simple and solid enough to make it enjoyable. Its chunky proportions and near perfect re-creation of all three modes is great, but even then you still end up with undersized hands and a bunch of support parts (which are optional). Despite the relatively low proportion of die-cast used it still costs a fair amount of money. As far as I can tell, only the hip, shoulder and hammer joints are die-cast.

At this time of writing, many online stores have him in stock and at a generous discount too. I guess I’ll be stuck with a second Goldymarg in its box…



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