Soul of Chogokin Goldymarg – Part 1

Having owned the SOC GaoGaiGar I couldn’t pass up on ordering this guy. I couldn’t get in a preorder through the usual channels when the window first opened, but managed to order one piece through the Yellow Submarine store on Rakuten. I forgot all about it until some time later when preorders opened again on Amiami and I forgot to cancel one of my orders. Now I have two pieces with me and no way to get rid of one of them as neither store accepts returns.

IMG_5986 - Copy

IMG_5987 - Copy

What this box lacks in height, it makes up for with its sheer thickness.

IMG_5988 - Copy

Package contents. Most parts are packed inside a styrofoam tray with cardboard lids taped to them as with most Chogokin toys.

IMG_5989 - Copy

The smaller accessories and stand parts are packed in a blister tray. The tiny hands for perfect transformation are packed separate from the figure. You also get two pairs of larger, more show-accurate hands, a larger right hand for the Marg Hand, an orange Marg Hand joint adapter, a Zonder Core, various Hammer Hell effect parts and a clear support part used when transforming into Marg Hand.

IMG_5990 - Copy

Clipping the Goldion Hammer onto the tank completes Goldy Tank mode. Unfortunately in these pictures I forgot to extend the orange section of the barrel. It can extend to four positions for the various modes.

IMG_5991 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_5992 - Copy

Side. Again the barrel is supposed to be longer.

IMG_5993 - Copy


IMG_5994 - Copy


IMG_5995 - Copy

In tank mode the only moving parts are the rotating wheels and the ratcheted tank barrel.


IMG_5996 - Copy

To transform into Goldymarg, the hammer is first detached.

IMG_5997 - Copy

The front portion of the tank is folded and small covers folded outwards to form the kneecaps.

IMG_5998 - Copy

The front and rear sections are unlocked.

IMG_5999 - Copy

A series of ratcheting joints are unfolded…

IMG_6000 - Copy IMG_6001 - Copy

Like so.

IMG_6002 - Copy

Both legs are separated and their connecting tabs stowed.

IMG_6003 - Copy

Cover panels on the insides of the legs are unfolded.

IMG_6004 - Copy

Locking tabs on the forearms are detached to unlock the arms.

IMG_6005 - Copy

The shoulder joints are extended outwards and cranked 180 degrees.

IMG_6006 - Copy

The elbow joints are extended in two locations. In these pictures I forgot to extend the upper arm joint. Panels on the sides of the forearms are lifted to unfold the hands.

IMG_6007 - Copy

The hammer handle/tank barrel is shortened and the head extended forward. Re-attach the hammer to the body and raise the upper half of the head to reveal the eyes and complete the transformation.

IMG_6031 - Copy


IMG_6008 - Copy


Note that in these photos I messed up the transformation pretty badly – the kneecaps and elbows are not properly transformed.

IMG_6009 - Copy IMG_6010 - Copy IMG_6011 - Copy IMG_6012 - Copy IMG_6013 - Copy IMG_6014 - Copy IMG_6015 - Copy

Overall views. Goldymarg looks nice and chunky in this mode.

IMG_6017 - Copy

Clear parts are used on the bits and pieces on the forehead and chest.

IMG_6018 - Copy


IMG_6020 - Copy

There are no articulated feet on this toy which is a real bummer.

IMG_6027 - Copy

As transformation is the main draw of this figure, articulation is heavily compromised in many ways. The head doesn’t have a conventional neck joint but is attached to the hammer portion at the back of the head, limiting sideways range. The shoulders are on ratchet joints but can only raise up slightly with only one click. You can swing the arms forward without much issue despite the tight clearance between the shoulders and the hammer backpack. The elbows can only bend around 60 degrees. There is no waist joint.

IMG_6028 - Copy

The hips are ratcheted can swing forward and back only slightly.

IMG_6029 - Copy

You can spread the legs and there are thigh swivels, but there are no articulated feet so the figure balances using the hammer backpack. The extending gray barrel section doesn’t lock in any position so the figure may lose its balance over time.

IMG_6030 - Copy

You can sort of force the legs to swing forward further by pulling the hip joints down. The knees are ratcheted and bend about 90 degrees but it doesn’t do much due to the short thighs and the inability to splay the knees apart when the hip joint is in this position.

IMG_6032 - Copy

Due to the size and weight of this figure you can’t really put it in any aerial poses either. Articulation is severely hindered you can’t get it to do its post-transformation poses either.

In the next part I will cover the transformation into Marg Hand and Goldion Hammer.


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