Perfect Choro Q Slalom Cobra

Possibly my last Perfect Choro Q review – I got this from Yahoo Auctions, nearly completing the line.

IMG_5305 - Copy

IMG_5306 - Copy

As stated by the name, this toy is supposed to do slaloms.

IMG_5307 - Copy

Package contents.

IMG_5730 - Copy

The car seems to be based on the Ferrari 360. It comes with red Cartridge Gears for speed.

IMG_5731 - Copy IMG_5732 - Copy

Converting to Perfect Mode is as always, the same as the other toys. You have to mount the original rear wheels on the Slalom Unit.

IMG_5733 - Copy

Unlike most of the other cars whose gimmicks activate just once, as long as this car runs, it will repeat its slaloms.

IMG_5734 - Copy IMG_5735 - Copy

The gimmick works by the use of cams on the left and right sides against the protrusions on the clear blue part on the bottom making the front section twist as the car runs. The U-shaped spring provides force to return the front section straight.

IMG_5736 - Copy

I’ve lined up the toys here, only missing the Lifting Lizard and the first wave of Land/Sea/Air-going toys. The Powered Gunner is one of several variants with different weapons so I’m not planning to get them.


One thought on “Perfect Choro Q Slalom Cobra”

  1. Excellent toys!
    Where can I get those? I do have the lifting lizard, though damaged by my daughter. Also this yellow land tiger (i think the name is) with fron suspension.

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