Perfect Choro Q Drift Wolf

This toy has one of the coolest designs in the line, being a black and yellow trike. Despite what its name suggests, what it does resembles more like a powerslide.

IMG_5165 - Copy

IMG_5166 - Copy IMG_5173 - Copy

As usual, the Drift Unit is pre-assembled and you get four traffic cones. You also get spare rubber pads for the Drift Unit.

IMG_5299 - Copy

This toy comes with red Cartridge Gears for speed.

IMG_5300 - Copy

It uses the same cool body as the Reverse Spider except in black.

IMG_5301 - Copy

As always, the transformation is the same as other toys in the line.

IMG_5302 - Copy

It looks really cool in this mode. You rotate the knob on the left to adjust the position where the gimmick kicks in. It simply lowers the drift arm sticking out the side and the car does a tight turn around the rubber pad on the tip of the arm, creating the drifting effect.

IMG_5303 - Copy IMG_5304 - Copy

You can attach the arm in another position to change the direction of the drift. It’s a simple cam-based gimmick that works just like the Braking Bison but probably looks much cooler.

If the car is running at top speed and the gimmick kicks in, it can do a 180 degree turn and continue moving until it kicks in again. Eventually as the motor dies down the car turns less or becomes unable to overcome friction while turning.


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