Perfect Choro Q Jumping Hopper

Another one of the few toys I got from the Hong Kong-based seller on the Evil Bay. I saw a video of this toy in action on Youtube and it seems to have the most flashy gimmick in the line.

IMG_5162 - Copy

IMG_5163 - Copy

I have no idea if there’s any basis in assigning cartridge gears to the cars, but this toy has the yellow one for balance.

IMG_5172 - Copy

Contents. You get 4 traffic cones and the Jump Unit pre-assembled.

IMG_5218 - Copy IMG_5219 - Copy

This car uses the same body as the Speed Dragon which has parts to convert it into Land, Marine and Sky forms. The white intake-like things on the back of the car are separate parts which don’t seem to serve any purpose. I’d say the use of green is a particularly suitable colour for this toy since it has a grasshopper motif unlike some of the other toys which seem to have random animal names tacked on.

IMG_5220 - Copy

As always, the wheels and front bumper are removed, the Jump Unit mounted and larger rear wheels are attached. It’s unusual this particular toy has its own non-removable front wheels on the gimmick part while for other cars you have to transplant the original rear wheels onto the gimmick parts as they don’t come with their own wheels.

IMG_5221 - Copy

The jumping location is set by rotating the yellow gear on the top to adjust the position of the yellow mark on the side.

IMG_5222 - Copy

This toy has narrow slick tyres on the rear. Again, the choice of wheel seems to be random as I would have expected thicker tyres on a jumping car.

IMG_5223 - Copy

Here’s the underside to show how the gimmick works. There’s a spring-loaded jumping arm underneath.

IMG_5224 - Copy

You have to set it in place before winding the motor and launching it. The jumping arm pushes against the ground somewhere near the centre of the car but it doesn’t always land right side up.

It’s a flashy gimmick that works straight out the box without needing any fixes or repairs. However it only jumps once per run. It would have been insanely awesome if it would jump multiple times though.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Choro Q Jumping Hopper”

  1. If I may provide a correction, “Perfect Dragon”, as you named it, is actually named Speed Dragon. Not only that, but Speed Dragon’s upgrade, Mach Dragon, also has a Perfect Mode.

    1. Fixed, thanks for pointing it out! It’s unbelievable that there are actually people who know about these things 🙂 now if only I knew where to find these things…

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