Customable Choro Q Parts (Part 3 – AT System Parts II, V2)

This post and my other posts on similar parts have been languishing in draft hell for ages as I slowly collect them. Some of the parts have been impossible to find so I’ll just have to get these posts out even though they may be incomplete. The next half dozen or so parts kits seem to add very little useful functionality to the toys despite appearing to contain more parts. All of them also have totally useless “Armored Modes” which are just reconfigurations of the parts to mount them onto Super Customable cars.

AP-07 Sniper Shooting Unit

IMG_5132 - Copy

IMG_5282 - Copy

It’s a piece that guides the car like a rail when you launch it. Other than the use of larger parts the kits in this series don’t seem to do anything useful. The AT System front bumper and rear mount are used for the alternative Armored Mode.

IMG_5283 - Copy

You have to replace the rear bumper with the Guide Wing.

IMG_5284 - Copy

The Guide Wing and rails don’t slide that freely so the car launches from the rails slower than usual.

IMG_5285 - Copy

The absolutely useless Armored Mode. I guess it just looks cool.


AP-09 Charge Counter Unit

IMG_4971 - Copy IMG_5043 - Copy

In this set you get a front Power Limiter, an AT System bumper, and the Charge Counter Unit with a specialised rear bumper.

IMG_5044 - Copy

The Power Limiter works by having the prongs point downwards and they are supposed to rub against the ground. They didn’t seem to reach the ground on mine though. You can adjust the “resistance” by choosing which prongs to point down. IMG_5045 - Copy

The Charge Counter Unit is an attachment that helps you measure how much you’ve wound the motor by pushing the car backwards parallel against the wall so that the O ring-equipped wheel turns as you move the car. You’re supposed to count the number of revolutions the marked wheel makes. I think it’s much easier to just use a ruler. IMG_5046 - Copy

You can also reconfigure the counter this way so you don’t have to put the car against a wall. However it doesn’t really stay in position and falls off easily.

IMG_5047 - Copy

For Advanced/Armored Mode you use the rear bumper that comes with Super Customable cars and stick the rear bumper that came with this set on the back of the counter.


AP-10 Speed Starter Unit

IMG_5133 - Copy

IMG_5292 - Copy

According to the description, it’s a ramp you can use to position the car properly as you launch it and give it a slight boost. Again, the front bumper is used for Armored Mode.

IMG_5293 - Copy

You can place the ramp inside a track. I really think it’s useless, and all the gray bits on the sides are just unnecessary extras for Armored Mode.

IMG_5294 - Copy

I guess without the extra gray bits Armored Mode would have looked too plain or something.


AP-11 Grip Charging Unit

IMG_5134 - Copy

IMG_5286 - Copy

This set unusually comes with a rear bumper, but it doesn’t have any mounting pegs for other parts. You get a support part which mounts on the front of the car and has a divot on the roof to accommodate the grip-shaped tool which you can wind up the motor with.

IMG_5287 - Copy

The divot allows you to wind up the car by dragging the grip part. The size of the grip is kinda small so I don’t think it really helps much.

IMG_5288 - CopyThe grip and AT System front bumper can reconfigure into Armored Mode like so.


AP-12 Series Hold Unit

IMG_5135 - Copy

IMG_5289 - Copy

What this kit lacks in part count, it makes up for with part size. It’s a gripping tool for holding up to 2 cars back to back.

IMG_5290 - CopyThe prongs on the insides of the tool hold the rear wheels of the car. Somehow it has enough grip to hold the car even when it’s wound up.

IMG_5291 - Copy

You can only hold 2 cars if they don’t have large front or rear bumpers.


AP-Special Impact Trigger Unit

IMG_5009 - Copy

IMG_5048 - Copy

It’s a spring-loaded catapult. It really doesn’t work that well since the part you brace the car against (the fluorescent block) is so tiny and there aren’t any rails on the launch platform to guide the car.

IMG_5049 - Copy

You can reconfigure the parts for Armored Mode too, but the car becomes too back-heavy. The clear parts also don’t seem to be able to take the stresses of repeated re-assembly.


APV-01 Magne Roller Unit

IMG_4978 - Copy

IMG_5050 - Copy

The front bumper has a magnetically attached pair of rollers. According to the description, a car equipped with these parts can pick up the extra front rollers while running on a track, improving cornering and stability. Now we’re bordering on nonsense.

IMG_5051 - Copy IMG_5052 - Copy

In reality, the magnetically attached front rollers don’t do anything at all as they would either turn around or get nudged off position when they run into the side walls of a track. The rear double rollers however are quite useful as they come with stabilisers.


APV-02 Wing Balancer Unit

IMG_5008 - Copy

IMG_5053 - Copy

Uh… front and rear wings that make the car unable to run on a track. Why even leave the front rollers on the inside of the wings then?

IMG_5054 - Copy

I guess it’s supposed to keep balance when the car goes airborne? It’s a bit like an improved version of the Power Landing Unit.

IMG_5055 - Copy

The rear assembly can pivot up and down and rests on rollers on the ground.

IMG_5056 - Copy

The two prong-like things in front, the sweep angle for the front wings and the camber angle of the rear wings can be adjusted.


 APV-03 Over Diving Unit

IMG_5295 - Copy

IMG_5296 - Copy

The description says it’s for improving the jumping ability of the car. The front piece is completely static – the description says it’s “aero parts”, while the rear bumper has rollers below and pivots on the connecting joint.

IMG_5297 - Copy

IMG_5298 - Copy

It’s similar to the Wing Balancer Unit above and Aero Revolver Unit except that it has rear rollers.

In the V2 series of parts there are also several more which I have missed out: Tread Change Unit, Magne Action Chassis and Hyper Slider Unit. While I haven’t seen pictures of the Tread Change Unit, I speculate that it might look like the Liner Navigation Unit, with an extra pair of front wheels mounted on the front bumper. There’s an online store selling this but it has quite a ridiculous shipping cost for it so I haven’t found a reasonable way to buy it. Pictures of the Magne Action Chassis are on Amazon, but it is no longer available. It looks like the front half of the chassis can articulate to give the front wheels a primitive mode of steering. The Hyper Slider Unit seems to be suited for loop courses so I suppose it’s a variation of the Aero Revolver Unit too.


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