Battle B-Daman Cartridge System Parts

In my Meteor Dragon review I mentioned these toys were limited in terms of customizability. As far as I can tell, here are the parts you can equip on a Cartridge System B-Daman.

DHB Unit

IMG_5180 - Copy

DHB stands for Direct Hit Battle. It’s a gimmick unique to the Battle B-Daman toys where the aim is to shoot marbles directly at your opponent’s B-Daman.

IMG_5181 - Copy

The first generation DHB Armor could only take one hit before disabling the B-Daman. Later on Advanced versions came that could take 3 hits. This being the last iteration, it takes 3 hits and is also one of the most compact versions.

IMG_5210 - Copy

Package contents. The unit is pre-assembled. You slide a notch on the bottom to reset the hit counter.

IMG_5211 - Copy

I forgot to take a picture of it mounted on a B-Daman. Due to the sight shield which goes between the body and arms, you have to re-attach the arms further away from the body, negating any power-boosting effects that the arms may provide and ensuring all DHB B-Daman have the same lowered power levels. I guess it’s due to child safety requirements because you are indirectly aiming and shooting marbles at your opponent when playing DHB.

The bit with the red triangle sticker blocks marbles from being launched when the unit is disabled.


Variable Stabilizer

IMG_5184 - Copy

This mounts on the rear of the B-Daman and increases the footprint of the toy making it more stable. You can adjust the stabilizer legs in one of three positions.

IMG_5201 - CopyPackage contents. Incidentally all the parts have only one runner. IMG_5202 - Copy

Here’s the stabilizer folded up.

IMG_5203 - Copy

And in the other two possible positions. At the ends are compartments where you can insert marbles to act as rollers. However no marbles are included with this set.

IMG_5204 - Copy

Here it is with stickers applied. I think the one I got was left in the sun or something – the stickers were completely unusable.

IMG_5207 - Copy

Here I’ve mounted it onto my B-Daman. With the Rapid Fire Trigger installed you have to attach the stabilizer in reverse, limiting the stabilizer legs to the fully deployed position only.


Rolling Foot

IMG_5739 - Copy

The complement to the Variable Stabilizer, this replaces the stock feet.

IMG_5750 - Copy

It also comes with two marbles, though they seem to be defective ones with chips and deep scratches on them.

IMG_5751 - Copy

While you could choose not to install marbles in the Variable Stabilizer, the point of this is to allow you to have rollers on the feet as well.

IMG_5752 - Copy

With marbles installed on the feet and stabilizers, you can roll the B-Daman around easily.


Double Grip

IMG_5740 - Copy

A pair of large handles to replace the stock grip.

IMG_5756 - Copy IMG_5757 - Copy

That’s it. Nothing too special.

IMG_5758 - Copy

It makes it easier to hold the toy except the Variable Stabilizer kinda gets too close to the grip handles.

IMG_5759 - Copy

You can also remove one of the handles and replace it with a cover if you like the one-handed style of operation.


System Barrel

IMG_5741 - Copy

A barrel to increase shot accuracy. You can increase its length if you have multiple sets.

IMG_5780 - Copy IMG_5781 - Copy

Each section is attached by twisting to lock them in position.

IMG_5782 - Copy

With stickers.

IMG_5783 - Copy

It’s a bit tricky to install the barrel with the DHB Unit as well. You have to attach the barrel first, then work the DHB Unit sight shield a bit as you install it last.


System Magazine

IMG_5742 - Copy

An extendable magazine to increase holding capacity.  IMG_5786 - Copy IMG_5787 - Copy

Like the System Barrel, it has the same central modular part allowing you to extend its length if you have multiple pieces.

IMG_5789 - Copy IMG_5790 - CopyIt’s kinda pointless on my toy since it already has a small magazine so I just replaced it to slightly raise the capacity. It holds up to 6 marbles.

IMG_5791 - Copy

You can use the modular bits to extend the barrel like so.

IMG_5792 - Copy

Same goes for the magazine. Each of the modular bits allows you to stock 2 more marbles.


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