Cartridge Rapid-fire Trigger

The Cartridge Rapid-fire Trigger (Rensya Trigger if you insist on following the Romaji product name) was the greatest draw when I noticed the existence of the Cartridge System line and I had to get it. I decided to separate this post due to the complexity of the gimmick involved.

IMG_5182 - Copy

IMG_5183 - Copy

It’s a Cartridge Trigger that allows you to load and fire up to 3 Cartridge Shots. Compared to the stock Cartridge Trigger, this part also ejects spent Cartridges when you chamber the next one.

IMG_5196 - Copy

3 runners of large parts and two empty Cartridges.

IMG_5197 - Copy

Assembly was an interesting process as the  various halves interlocked with one another. I should have taken pictures step-by-step though.

IMG_5198 - Copy

To load cartridges, you have to slide a spring-loaded stopper on the underside all the way to the right, pull the magazine section halfway back and load the cartridges. You can see the blue stopper in the previous picture.

IMG_5199 - Copy

When done, you unlock the stopper so it pushes against the cartridges, then slide the magazine forward. It’s capable of single-shot mode, and you chamber cartridges by pushing the magazine in. To reload, pull the magazine out and slide it all the way back firmly to eject the spent cartridge.

IMG_5200 - Copy

With stickers.

IMG_5205 - Copy IMG_5206 - Copy

Here I’ve replaced the stock trigger on my Meteor Dragon.

It’s a very impressive-looking gimmick when you play with it, especially with the ejecting action. However it doesn’t eject the cartridges perfectly all the time, especially the last one. I think it’s because the spring tension in the stopper becomes too weak.

11 thoughts on “Cartridge Rapid-fire Trigger”

  1. Nice, which reminds me I saw lot of old or newer bdamans for sale lately on retail toy storesbut none upgrade parts except for the newest generation

  2. I look for this “CARTRIDGE RAPID-FIRE TRIGGER” because I just have Cobalt Blaster body without the cartridge shot.. Honestly I have a Special Cobalt Blaster Set when I primary school, Where did you bought it?? I want it too so badly 😦

          1. Btw, thank you for the link 🙂 and thanks because sharing Battle B-daman toy, it bring back my childhood memory.. 😀

            1. If you search for proxy buying services on Google you’ll find a list. I think I have used Tenso and From Japan before. I don’t really use them a lot so I can’t give a recommendation on which company is better though. Sorry about that.

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