Customable Choro Q Parts (Part 2 – AT System Parts)

More add-on parts, this time from the Advanced Tuning (AT) System series. Most of these sets come with at least one runner containing an AT System front bumper, and mounting parts you can stick to normal Choro Q cars using the included double-sided tape. However for some sets you have the option of using some of those parts to make for slightly different configurations.

AP-01 Spinning Roller Unit

IMG_5007 - Copy

IMG_5031 - Copy

A set of extra front and rear rollers. The front rollers have a smaller pitch while the rear rollers are larger; they ostensibly act to reduce rolling resistance around curves. Clearly not using the front rollers in the first place would result in fewer points of contact and less friction.

IMG_5030 - Copy

It comes with an AT System Bumper but you can use the parts to give the rear bumper a second pair of rollers. Larger stabilisers can’t be used with these front rollers so I used a leftover AT System bumper from another set.

IMG_5039 - Copy

Originally the underside just holds a pair of stays. Since it’s really difficult to disassemble the parts, I assembled the double rollers right from the start and left them as they are.


AP-02 Liner Navigation Unit

IMG_4987 - Copy

IMG_5032 - Copy

Extra front and rear wheels to supposedly improve straight-line tracking.

IMG_5033 - Copy

They don’t really work that well as the plastic wheels don’t spin freely enough on the ground. I suppose they would probably work better if they had rubber tyres.

IMG_5034 - Copy

The wheelbase can be extended by using one of the parts from the AT System bumper. If you decide not to, you have enough parts to build a complete system bumper with 2 leftover rollers.

IMG_5038 - Copy

Really tiny rollers on the back – next to useless.


AP-03 Climb Control Unit

IMG_5130 - Copy

IMG_5212 - Copy

An Auto Limiter in front and adjustable rear rollers. You can change the angle of the stabilizers and the angle of the rollers as well. With the remaining front bumper parts you can attach a second pair of rollers to the rear bumper.

IMG_5213 - Copy

The Auto Limiter supposedly slows the car down when climbing slopes, but from the way it is flimsily mounted and the fact that the front assembly pegs onto the front bumper from the top, it will eventually pop off.

IMG_5214 - Copy

I think the rear rollers are good replacements for the stock rear rollers because they come with stabilizers.


AP-04 Twin Strike Unit

IMG_5131 - Copy

IMG_5215 - Copy

I really have no idea what this thing is supposed to do other than the rear Resist Limiter.

IMG_5216 - Copy

Maybe the front prongs are supposed to catch whatever you’re aiming the car at?

IMG_5217 - Copy

You can adjust the angle of the prongs on the front and back. You can probably point the rear prongs down against the ground to slow the car down. You can also shorten the overall length if you join the purple front pieces directly together instead of using the green part.


AP-05 Aero Revolver Unit

IMG_5006 - Copy IMG_5035 - Copy

Aero Rollers for the front and a Movable Rear Bumper for the back. They are supposed to be used for loop courses.

IMG_5036 - Copy

The angle of the front rollers can be adjusted while the rear ones flop around maybe to allow them to still work even while the car is running inside a loop. In these pictures I have used 2 rollers on each side; you can also use only one pair of rollers if you need to use the remaining pair to assemble the included system bumper.

IMG_5037 - Copy

I guess if you’re making your car do loops you can add one of these to prevent the front bumper from scraping against the track surface.


AP-06 Power Landing Unit

IMG_4988 - Copy IMG_5040 - Copy

A front attachment that looks like a counterweight and a large flexible rear wing with small rollers. You also get a pair of spiked tyres.

IMG_5041 - Copy

Not sure if they work as I don’t launch my cars in the air for fear of breaking them. The front attachment doesn’t do anything other than add weight.

IMG_5042 - Copy

The rear wing can move upwards while the attached rollers contact the ground, possibly to help orient the car as it lands.

Subsequent parts kits were named “AT System Parts II” so I’ll cover some of them in a separate post. The later ones were also harder to come by so I couldn’t complete the entire set.


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