SH Figuarts Darth Vader

I found this on sale at a toy shop near where I stayed. However they charged full retail price with 8% tax as you can see on the price tag slapped on the front of the box. It comes with the first-release bonus which made the full price less of a bummer.

IMG_5686 - Copy

IMG_5687 - Copy

The box is full-size and slightly thicker than usual to accommodate the cloak.

IMG_5688 - Copy

However Darth Vader doesn’t come with that many accessories. Several protective plastic sheets are packed between the layers of his cloak. The instructions suggest to be careful when handling the toy as it is painted. It doesn’t seem like the figure is completely painted though. I guess the different textures may be marred if you’re rough with it as the cloak has a slightly matte appearance.

IMG_5689 - Copy

He comes with his lightsaber in both switched on and switched off modes, an amputated forearm and two extra pairs of hands – one pair of open hands and one pair for holding his lightsaber. Notice the right hands have their own wrist joints. It’s because the wrist joint detaches at the right forearm for the amputated forearm part to replace.

IMG_5690 - Copy IMG_5691 - Copy IMG_5692 - Copy IMG_5693 - Copy IMG_5694 - Copy IMG_5695 - Copy IMG_5696 - Copy IMG_5697 - Copy

Overall views. Darth Vader’s cloak takes up a lot of space. It’s made of soft plastic but still gets in the way of more dynamic poses. I guess at this scale using a fabric cloak would still look weird. The cloak is also quite heavy and long enough to reach the ground and pretty much support the figure, making it harder to get him into more dynamic poses.

IMG_5698 - Copy

It seems like the upper half of his helmet is stretched. I guess it’s a thing with most SH Figuarts figures anyway, until Bandai decides to release a Renewal version with a fixed head sculpt. Also the eyes aren’t perfectly symmetrical – the left eye and brow are slightly higher. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the sculpt or if it really looks asymmetrical in the movies.

IMG_5699 - Copy

By the way, even though the helmet can’t be removed, you can see the exposed back of Anakin’s head through the gap between the helmet and neck. His skin tone is almost gray.

IMG_5700 - Copy

I’m not sure which movie his appearance is based on. Maybe a Star Wars expert would know.

IMG_5701 - Copy

The arms are sculpted to have lines running along their length. Since he’s entirely black, the broken areas aren’t too obvious.

IMG_5702 - Copy

The shoulder pauldrons are mounted on ball pegs with hinges.

IMG_5703 - Copy

Nothing much underneath his cloak. You can remove it by first detaching his head.

IMG_5704 - Copy

Due to the design of the neck Vader can’t really look up and down. IMG_5705 - Copy


The waist joint doesn’t have a wide range of motion to allow for ab crunches either.

IMG_5706 - Copy

However the waist can still rotate all the way around. The arms have a wide range of motion, but with the design of the chest area the shoulders can’t really swing.

IMG_5707 - Copy

Ironically Vader has extendable hip joints, which seems unnecessary as his cloak looks too static in dynamic poses.

IMG_5708 - Copy

The double jointed knees have a decent range, but the feet are quite limited.

IMG_5710 - Copy

The lightsaber is held by simply sticking it into the designated hand.

IMG_5711 - Copy

Same goes for the switched on version.

IMG_5713 - Copy

The amputated forearm replaces the right hand and forearm gauntlet. It looks like someone spilled solder or something. I remember it’s supposed to look more like broken wires but it’s impossible to recreate that look at this size.

IMG_5714 - Copy

This is the first release bonus that came with the toy to recreate the scene in the Death Star where Vader fights Luke.

IMG_5715 - Copy

Instructions are printed on the back.

IMG_5717 - Copy

Just two huge parts and four supports.

IMG_5718 - Copy

The back wall isn’t connected to the platform. There are unsightly holes along the sides of the steps for plugging in a compatible stand arm.

IMG_5719 - Copy IMG_5720 - Copy IMG_5721 - Copy

“Obi Wan has taught you well.”

IMG_5722 - Copy IMG_5723 - Copy

“If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.”

IMG_5724 - Copy IMG_5725 - Copy IMG_5726 - Copy

Palpatine’s evil laugh in the background

IMG_5727 - Copy

Get ready for this

IMG_5728 - Copy

Do not want Noooo

IMG_5729 - Copy

Being a character that doesn’t run around too much I guess it’s natural Vader came with few accessories. The paint work on this toy is superb, only marred by the slightly elongated helmet. The cloak doesn’t look dynamic but using a cloth cape would have probably looked weird too.



2 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Darth Vader”

  1. woah the first released bonus looks very nice 😀 ,wish the helmet removable with optional head of course 😀 giving more detail accessories (considering they already include the severed hand option part)

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