Q Transformers Optimus Prime / Convoy

I spotted this on Amazon with a ridiculous preorder price, but bought it from a department store last week shortly after it was released for a far more reasonable price. I found the truck mode to be quite cute.

IMG_5268 - Copy

IMG_5269 - Copy

While the English name on the label says Optimus Prime, the Japanese name is Convoy instead, differentiating it from the previous GT-R Optimus Prime which said the same thing both in English and Japanese.

IMG_5270 - Copy IMG_5271 - Copy

Like the other toys in the line it rolls freely on 4 wheels.

IMG_5272 - Copy

Due to its shape it appears to have a lot of hollow spaces.

IMG_5273 - Copy

Transformation is nearly identical to the other toys. Start by splitting and swinging the container forward.

IMG_5274 - Copy

Rotate the container bits to form the arms. Swing the feet downwards.

IMG_5275 - Copy

The truck bed is a nice touch of detail.

IMG_5276 - Copy

Folding it into the body flips the head up at the same time.

IMG_5277 - Copy

It looks really blocky in robot mode.

IMG_5278 - Copy

I guess there isn’t much to say. Just loads of vehicle approximating a robot shape.

IMG_5279 - Copy

It lacks elbow joints compared to the other cars but otherwise has the same (lack of) articulation.

IMG_5280 - Copy

Here’s a side by side comparison with GT-R Optimus Prime. Truck Prime has a lighter shade of red.

IMG_5281 - Copy

Truck Prime’s head looks more like its G1 counterpart.

Megatron has also been rendered in this line except with a Lamborghini Veneno alt mode.


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