SH Figuarts Stormtrooper

I was out downtown yesterday, the same day some Bandai toys were released. Unfortunately at the department store I know of most of them were sold out already, but I happened to chance upon the last remaining guy on a display at the entrance, and seeing it came with price and anti-theft tags it must have been for sale so I grabbed it. Darth Vader was out too but he was nowhere to be found.

IMG_5235 - Copy

Various other versions of the Stormtrooper were also on sale, but one can’t go wrong with the SH Figuarts version, right? Or so I thought…

  IMG_5236 - Copy

The packaging size has been reduced. It seems like Kamen Rider Drive also has the same reduced-size package. It’s not a good omen seeing as he seemed to be lacking in accessories.

IMG_5237 - Copy

IMG_5238 - Copy

And this guy is indeed sparse on accessories. You get two extra pairs of hands and a blaster.

IMG_5239 - Copy

IMG_5240 - Copy IMG_5241 - Copy

IMG_5242 - Copy IMG_5243 - Copy

IMG_5244 - Copy IMG_5245 - Copy

IMG_5246 - Copy

Overall views. He seems quite well-proportioned and most of the joints are well-hidden by the white armour.

IMG_5247 - Copy

I’m not a massive Star Wars geek, but he seems to have an elongated face especially around the chin. The details of the helmet are nicely painted.

IMG_5248 - Copy

The belt is made of soft plastic and seems a bit rough.

IMG_5249 - Copy

Nothing much to complain, but it seems from other reviews that he lacks a holster on the back.

IMG_5250 - Copy

The trademark asymmetrical knees.

IMG_5251 - Copy

Most of us would have expected superb articulation from this guy, but we’re horribly wrong. The helmet gets in the way of most poses.

IMG_5252 - Copy

The waist has a wide range though and can turn 360 degrees at the waist and chest. The belt is a separate piece so it can get out of the way.

IMG_5253 - Copy

Sadly the arms only have 90 degrees of motion despite the usual double joints.

IMG_5254 - Copy

The shoulder pauldrons have a hinge/ball joint that can move out of the way of most poses.

IMG_5255 - Copy

Sadly the hip joints aren’t of the extendable variety. No idea why Bandai designed it that way as the thigh armour bumps into the crotch plate all the time. The ankle joints can swing sideways generously.

IMG_5257 - Copy

Because of that the hips can’t really swing forward. Making things worse are the knees – the right knee can barely reach 90 degrees.

IMG_5258 - Copy

The extra pairs of hands are for holding the blaster.

IMG_5259 - Copy

This is one of those toys where getting multiples multiplies the fun, but I can’t find them anywhere now.

IMG_5260 - Copy

Stormtrooper marksmanship on display.

IMG_5261 - Copy

Despite the gimped elbow articulation you can manage blaster-holding poses without too much difficulty.

IMG_5262 - Copy IMG_5263 - Copy

IMG_5264 - Copy

Getting shot.

IMG_5265 - Copy

Getting shot again.

IMG_5266 - Copy

I tried to make him look like a bumbling guy like they should be.

IMG_5267 - Copy

This is a lightly-packed release which seems to justify the slightly lower than usual price. The lacklustre articulation is a particular disappointment on this figure; otherwise for the most part it looks great.



2 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Stormtrooper”

  1. Yeah not much parts and unlike drive no bonus parts lol but the seeing the packaging and the current figuarts price it somewhat looks more like a premium collectible right now .. LOL

    1. I think the bonus parts thing that’s going on with the Drive figures is a cheap way to get more sales out of the potential shelfwarmers in the line though.

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