Perfect Choro Q Sky Eagle

Hunted a few more of these toys from a Hong Kong-based seller on the Evil Bay. Despite knowing how fragile the first few releases were, I still picked this one too.

IMG_5160 - Copy

IMG_5161 - Copy

It’s not immediately apparent from the package but this toy isn’t supposed to fly. Instead, it runs on a tightrope.

IMG_5168 - Copy

The base vehicle itself is the Skyline lookalike which was used for the first three releases and the Braking Bison. One thing different from the later ones was the front bumper which mounts on the AT System-compatible pegs underneath the front of the car. The bumper keeps the car body locked in the closed position.

IMG_5169 - Copy IMG_5170 - Copy

I don’t really have much to add on since I showed the similar-looking Braking Bison earlier. This toy comes with yellow Cartridge Gears which are rated balanced.

IMG_5171 - Copy

As mentioned earlier removing the front bumper allows the car to go into hatch open mode. You remove the wheels and bonnet, connect the balance arm to the back of the car and attach the front and rear wheels.

IMG_5174 - Copy

The weight on the balance arm is mounted on a pin, making it the first area to break when the car falls off the tightrope. You can fold it and plug it to the back of the car but it still drags against the ground.

IMG_5176 - Copy

The toy comes with a length of string. You wind the motor by hand, carefully balance the car on the rope and let go.

While the toy does actually balance, it still falls off easily especially once it bumps into whatever post you’ve tied the string to. The weight on the balance arm breaks off because some cost-saving design was used for the balance arm at the expense of durability. The front part of the chassis which holds the front section is also quite fragile from my prior experiences with the other first few releases.

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