Perfect Choro Q Braking Bison

I got this around the same time as the Reverse Spider, but from Rakuten Auction instead. It was opened but the contents were still sealed. Another gamble to see whether I got something that worked.

IMG_5082 - Copy

Featuring a simpler gimmick than previously reviewed toys in the line I expected this thing to work as advertised. IMG_5083 - Copy IMG_5084 - Copy

Oops, I forgot to include the 4 traffic cones that came with this toy.

IMG_5085 - Copy

This toy comes with the Perfect Engine and blue Cartridge Gears for endurance.

IMG_5086 - Copy

The car itself uses the same body as the first 3 toys in the line and seems to be based on the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. However it could be just my copy but the part tolerances were exceedingly tight. You could see stress marks appearing on the clip-on parts during assembly. The body also appears to be mounted lopsided despite my attempts to fit everything properly. The prongs on the Brake Unit are also slightly misaligned with the peg holes on the back of the car.

IMG_5087 - Copy

You simply attach the Brake Unit to the back of the car. You also get an extra pair of brake pads and four parts that go on top of the traffic cones so you can rest sticks between them. The leftover parts on the clear blue runner are the disassembly tool, motor adapter and front adapter for mounting AT system-compatible bumpers.

IMG_5088 - Copy

The braking location is determined by rotating the white dial on the right side of the Brake Unit. On the left is a gauge which has numbers to indicate the position of the dial but they aren’t easily visible.

IMG_5089 - Copy IMG_5090 - Copy

Through a series of reduction gears the large wheel drives the dial which has a cam, lowering the braking arm and lifting the entire rear section of the car off the ground. A tiny spring connected to the braking arm inside the unit does all the heavy lifting.

Originally my toy couldn’t even run with the Brake Unit attached. There was too much friction in the additional moving parts. I managed to open it, slightly shaved the axle holding the large wheel as it seemed to be coated with some paint, and adjusted the spring on the braking arm so that it had less spring preload, making it press against the cam with less force. This reduced the friction enough for the mechanism to work. Since I already have the Reverse Spider, this guy isn’t as impressive compared to that.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Choro Q Braking Bison”

  1. half an hour read this blog I learn a lot about choro-Q :D, I remember once own a customable choro Q looks a bit like this(basic one for track ) which unfortunately the chassis broken. The braking sound like a good concept thought I don’t like that idea on this, I prefer if they make it have arms on right or left which go down and let’s say make these choro Q can turn right or left like the iod on crush gear lol

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