Customable Choro Q Parts (Part 1)

I bought a bunch of add-on parts to mess with seeing as they were on discount. These things are meant for the Customable Choro Q series of toys, and are widely compatible across most of the cars. However, whether they actually do anything useful is a different matter.

HP-03 Light Body (Roadster)

IMG_5002 - Copy

I think this is based on the 2000 Madza MX-5 Roadster. I realised with the asking price for this particular item I could have probably bought another complete car with better value for money.

IMG_5019 - Copy

Replaced the flaking chrome body of the 4WD Revolution so I wouldn’t have bits of chrome all over my fingers every time I touched it. I guess it’s light because less plastic is used for an open-top car.

HP-05 Light Chassis & Spring Stabiliser

IMG_5003 - Copy

A spare chassis and stabiliser. Wheels, motor, front and rear bumpers are not included. Apparently it’s light because the standard chassis that comes with the High Speed line of toys is the older, heavier type.

CP-19 Variable Slender Plastic Tyre

IMG_5004 - Copy

This replaces the default rubber front tyres with slender plastic wheels to reduce friction. You can set the wheels on the inner, middle or outer positions and a pair of larger diameter wheels are also provided. The manual says each position has its strengths; inside for curved courses, outside for straight courses and larger diameters for long distance. I’m not entirely convinced. By the way, the exact same kit in dark gray is also sold under the High Speed Super Customable Choro Q series. I got this one simply because it was cheaper.

CP-20 Hyper Blister Body

IMG_5001 - Copy

A lightweight extra body that lowers the centre of gravity of the car compared to the normal 3-part bodies. It doesn’t have enough clearance for larger motors though. I originally intended to replace the 4WD Revolution body but the default motor was too large so I had to use the Roadster body instead.

Super Racing Plus EZ Collection Roller Climb / Roller Trap

IMG_4974 - Copy IMG_4975 - Copy

This is a track accessory that adds obstacles but can also be used on its own as a play set.

IMG_4976 - Copy

Contents. I forgot to include the Black Max motor that came with this set.

IMG_4977 - Copy

You get two sections with rollers and you can adjust their slope to make it easier or harder for your cars to roll across the rollers.


Taking a spare bumper from the Advanced Tuning series of add-on parts, it becomes possible to kitbash a working car with these kits.

IMG_5027 - Copy

Like so. The extra rollers on the tips of the stabilisers came from a tuning parts kit.

IMG_5028 - Copy

With the combination of the blister body and light chassis, this car is really light. It would have been even better if it could accept any Choro Q motor.


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