Super Customable Choro Q V2 System X50 GT Edition

Here’s another toy from Choro Q’s V2 System series. While it’s called the X50 GT Edition I’m pretty sure it’s to skirt around licensing issues as this is clearly based on a Ferrari F50 GT.

IMG_4999 - Copy

IMG_5000 - Copy

Like I mentioned in my previous post on the 4WD Revolution, this toy is labeled a “Technic Version” and comes with an attachment called a “Gatling Cherger” [sic].

IMG_5010 - Copy

The car itself comes on three runners, with the fourth being parts for the Gatling Cherger. The motor provided is called a “Blue Max” motor which is built for endurance at the expense of speed. Parts for the body come on a clear runner, with the body pre-painted in blue and even stamp-printed on the front.

IMG_5020 - Copy

IMG_5021 - Copy

The car itself is standard-looking, with the large front stabilisers that are characteristic of this series of toys. Not sure what’s the purpose of having the spring-loaded front bits though. On the right side is a hole for connecting the Gatling Charger.

IMG_5022 - Copy

It’s a really pointless attachment that you use to wind up the motor.

IMG_5024 - Copy

You stick it onto the car like so.

IMG_5025 - Copy

Swing the thing underneath and wind up the motor in a back and forth motion. You are supposedly able to have fine control over how much the motor is wound by counting how many times you move the thing.

IMG_5026 - Copy

As always you can detach the bumpers and end up with a normal-looking car, but these things are really more suited for running on a track as they are light and fast.


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