Super Customable Choro Q V2 System 4WD Revolution

Takara’s answer to Tamiya’s Mini 4WD? Customable [sic] Choro Q. Engrish aside, these things were designed like their larger rivals to run on tracks with crazy things like jumps and loops. There were several series of cars over time, with the V2 System series appearing to be the most advanced-looking yet.

IMG_4951 - Copy

This particular toy is unique as it comes with a 4WD gear that connects the front axle to the rear, giving this its namesake. IMG_4952 - Copy

My understanding is that V2 stands for “Various Version” and the toy cars under this line are grouped into “Speed Version” and “Technic Version”. They also come with removable wheels. Cars labeled as “Speed Version” come with accessories that affect the drivetrain such as plastic front wheels instead of the default rubber tyres. On the other hand, “Technic Version” cars come with honestly useless gimmicks like launchers that attach to the car.

This one in particular is labeled a Hybrid Version and comes with a Hold Trigger alongside its 4WD drivetrain.

IMG_4953 - Copy

Parts come on four runners, with the one for the body pre-painted. Unfortunately due to the age of the toy the chrome on the body has already peeled and flaked off so I have refrained from applying the included stickers. The same has happened to my other chromed cars in this series sitting back at home.

IMG_4954 - Copy

This particular car stands out for its 4WD Gear and specially-designed motor, “4WD System Engine”. I really like the body design; I’m not sure if it’s based on any real life vehicle though.

IMG_4955 - Copy


IMG_4956 - Copy

The included Hold Trigger is essentially a plunger for launching the car and connects to the back of the rear bumper.

IMG_4957 - Copy

I think it’s supposed to be able to launch the car while keeping the motor wound, but it’s fairly pointless as you can’t really wind up the car with the thing on due to the feet on the trigger, and it doesn’t do a good job at pressing the car against the ground to keep the motor wound before you actually launch it.

IMG_4960 - Copy

On the underside you can see the drivetrain. While it claims to be 4WD, the front right tyre is actually plastic. More like 3WD I guess? The tyres on the left side are also narrower to accommodate the gears, and they don’t stay attached to their rims too well. They can be remedied with some double-sided tape though. The thinner tyres are also slightly larger, causing the car to veer slightly to the right when it runs.

At this size I’m not sure if the 4WD gimmick actually contributes anything to the car’s performance, but the included motor is definitely one of the fastest ones I have on hand right now. I bought some spare bodies to replace the flaking one on this car so I won’t get bits of chrome all over my fingers, but I really dig this design. Wish I could strip the chrome and repaint it or something.


2 thoughts on “Super Customable Choro Q V2 System 4WD Revolution”

  1. wow it looks awesome, I like this one better than the red gunner 😀 and it’s 4WD now O_O but still seeing the clear plastic used I feel it’s easy to cracked/broken

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