Perfect Choro Q Powered Gunner

Another toy from the Perfect Choro Q line of yore; the later toys in this series turned towards performing feats such as changing direction on their own or even hopping. I really wanted one of these when I was a kid but couldn’t afford them at the time, then they went off the shelves and I never saw them again, even though I can still vividly remember their packaging till this day. Apparently they weren’t very popular back then and Takara reverted to the Super Customable Choro Q line, this time branding it High Speed. I guess it’s because the gimmicks on these things usually never worked that well. When I saw this guy on sale for cheap on Amazon, I simply snapped it up alongside a whole bunch of other old stuff. Will it perform as promised? We’ll find out.

IMG_4972 - Copy

This toy claims to be able to fire a volley of projectiles after traveling a certain adjustable distance. I was sceptical that this toy could actually do something like that though. IMG_4973 - Copy

IMG_4979 - Copy

The box contains several bags of goodies. Three runners for the car, one bag containing the launcher and projectiles, one bag containing the motor and wheels, and one containing some gears. Some parts of the runners are pre-painted.

IMG_4980 - Copy

Here’s the toy in its normal mode. It can run on a track but tends to fly off-course as the simple front rollers don’t do much in keeping it stable.

IMG_4982 - Copy

Rear view. Unlike the other Perfect Choro Q cars that have motors with changeable gears this one comes with an older “Black Max” motor which is supposedly built for speed. I swapped it out for a different motor.

IMG_5017 - Copy

The wheels are removed, with larger tyres replacing the rear ones. The front of the vehicle is replaced with a huge front section that holds the front wheels and launcher, while a Power Limiter is plugged into the rear. You also get two extra projectiles, a key-shaped tool which is used for unlocking the front bumper and a black frame for the front body panel which allows you to mount an Advanced Tuning System bumper to make it compatible with that series of add-on parts.

IMG_4983 - Copy

Here we have the toy in its evolved form. The front section houses a few gears connected to the front axle, with a cam that pushes against the base of the launcher’s connecting ball peg, shooting all four projectiles at once.

IMG_4984 - Copy

The Power Limiter on the rear is a ratcheting mechanism that works with the rear wheels to slow the motor down. Basically the rear wheels have gears on their insides for the spring-loaded arms to press against.

IMG_5018 - Copy

The launcher’s aim can be adjusted, and rotating the huge red knob on the left side determines how soon the launcher fires once the vehicle is in motion.

To my pleasant surprise, this thing actually works perfectly! I was giggling like a kid watching this guy chug forward and fire like clockwork. Probably one of the most impressive gimmicks to date. Seriously, you can only find such ideas in old Choro Qs.


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