Q Transformers Optimus Prime / Nissan GT-R

After a massive review of a huge toy, it’s time to go for something small. I’m actually a fan of the Choro Q series of toy cars since I was a kid, and over time those things have evolved quite a bit. I noticed this series of Transformers 30th Anniversary crossover toys at a department store in town and seeing how cute they were I decided to pick one up.

IMG_4961 - Copy

IMG_4962 - Copy

The packaging reminds me of the Choro Q toys from the ’90s except you didn’t have to assemble this toy.

IMG_4963 - Copy

IMG_4964 - Copy

Freed from its plastic tray, this toy has the typical proportions of a Choro Q car. Details aren’t that intricate but there’s a printed GT-R marking on the back of the car.

IMG_4965 - Copy

The underside reveals the robot mode limbs. It also means this toy doesn’t run on a pull back motor but simply rolls freely on its wheels.

IMG_4966 - Copy

Transformation is quick and simple. Unfold the legs from underneath. IMG_4967 - Copy

Split the back of the vehicle, swing the panels forward to form the shoulders and unfold the forearms.

IMG_4968 - Copy

Move the roof down to form the backpack and reveal the head.

IMG_4969 - Copy

Rear view. Most of the robot is just bits of car.

IMG_4970 - Copy

As the shoulders, hips and knees are on ball-shaped pegs, there’s a bit of articulation. The head can rotate a bit but the front edge of the windshield would block the bottom of the head.

That’s it. Just a fun little toy to mess around with. There’s a whole lineup of mostly Autobots, with what seem to be identical transformations. I wanted to pick up a Jazz / Toyota AE86 but it wasn’t out yet when I bought this guy.


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