Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar – Part 2: GaiGar & Gao Machines

Continuing the review from last week with GaiGar.

IMG_4836 - Copy

IMG_4837 - Copy IMG_4838 - Copy IMG_4839 - Copy IMG_4840 - Copy IMG_4841 - Copy IMG_4842 - Copy IMG_4843 - Copy

Overall views. My only complaint is GaiGar’s tiny head, but it’s due to the transformation as the head eventually becomes part of GaoGaiGar’s head too.
IMG_4844 - Copy

The G-Stone on the forehead is made of a clear part.

IMG_4845 - Copy

The face can be swapped to that of a shouting one by removing the head and switching the face plates.

IMG_4846 - Copy

The chest retains the lion head. Nothing’s changed here.

IMG_4847 - Copy

The arms are just the front legs straightened out. The hands are partially articulated with the index and middle fingers together, and the ring and little fingers together.

IMG_4848 - Copy

The legs are straightened and lengthened. You can see the die-cast ratcheting mechanism in the hip. The inner bits of the knees and ankles are painted die-cast.

IMG_4849 - Copy

The paws can fold out to form the GaiGar Claw.

IMG_4850 - Copy

3 extra pairs of hands are provided.

IMG_4857 - Copy

As a fully transforming toy articulation is compromised, but not as much as expected in this mode. The head can’t look up or down, the shoulders can swing just a little and the waist, while able to rotate all the way around due to the transformation, is not capable of doing ab crunches.

IMG_4858 - Copy

The hips have a wide sideways range, but can only swing forward about 45 degrees unless you extend the hips which are meant for transforming into GaoGaiGar. The double-jointed knees also bend only 90 degrees. The ankles can tilt but are nowhere flexible enough compared to the sideways range of the hips.

IMG_4859 - Copy

However the joints are generally tight enough that GaiGar can still balance without the use of a stand in some poses.

IMG_4860 - Copy

Dynamic poses and kneeling are pretty much impossible.

IMG_4861 - Copy

Stealth Gao

IMG_4864 - Copy

Modeled after a stealth bomber, except for the huge blobs dangling off the wings and the manes sticking out. The only part that is die-cast are the black arms holding the mane.

IMG_4865 - Copy

A stand is provided to display Stealth Gao. It does not have any sort of landing gear.

IMG_4866 - Copy

The cockpit is intricately detailed.

IMG_4867 - Copy


IMG_4868 - Copy

Underside. The many panels hide the mechanisms for transformation, and the helmet is also stored inside.

IMG_4869 - Copy

The vents on the leading edges of the wings and the flaps on top of the intakes are movable.

Drill Gao

IMG_4870 - Copy

The heaviest of the Gao Machines; the black areas of the feet are die-cast. The drills can rotate, but they don’t spin freely.

IMG_4871 - Copy

Rear view. IMG_4872 - Copy

The cockpits are also detailed.

IMG_4873 - Copy


IMG_4874 - Copy

The treads are movable, but the instruction manual advises against pushing the vehicle around.

Liner Gao

IMG_4875 - Copy

Modeled after a bullet train. They hold the upper arms and shoulders which are die-cast, adding a fair bit of heft to them. They originally came separated, and an articulated arm holds the two carriages together. They don’t really bend much though.

IMG_4876 - Copy

There are working wheels underneath. I’ve heard that they apparently work with HO gauge model railway tracks.

IMG_4877 - Copy

Detailed cockpit as with the rest of the vehicles.

IMG_4878 - Copy

Liner Gao can hitch a ride underneath Stealth Gao.

IMG_4879 - Copy

A set of clips holds the train underneath. The manual advises against displaying the toy like this as the train can fall off easily. IMG_4881 - Copy

Stealth Gao can also carry GaiGar by attaching to the shoulder pylons and using a support part to attach to the waist.

IMG_4882 - Copy

The stand for Stealth Gao can also hold up the toy just a bit above the ground.

IMG_4883 - Copy

Drill Gao can also be mounted on the forearms.

IMG_4884 - Copy

I suppose it’s the only use for the ridiculously tight arm joints, but they still can’t hold up the weight and the manual also says that the arms should be properly supported as they are heavy.

IMG_4885 - Copy

Both Stealth and Drill Gao can be mounted on GaiGar.

IMG_4862 - Copy


IMG_4863 - Copy


Narrator: This is the key to victory!


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