Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar – Part 1: Galeon

I promised to review a large item long ago, and here it is. It was originally released in December last year but combined it with another item which got pushed to this month, and I was busy these few weeks so I couldn’t do a fast review.

IMG_4816 - Copy

IMG_4817 - Copy

My first Soul of Chogokin toy, as I slip further down the rabbit hole of ridiculously expensive toys.

IMG_4818 - Copy

As with most die-cast toys, it comes in a styrofoam tray.

IMG_4819 - Copy

Some accessories are stored separately in a small plastic tray.

IMG_4820 - Copy IMG_4822 - CopyIMG_4823 - Copy IMG_4824 - CopyIMG_4825 - Copy IMG_4826 - CopyIMG_4827 - Copy IMG_4828 - Copy

Overall views. It has superb proportions in this mode. Most of the die-cast content is located in the joints. Being a fully transformable toy, it’s expected that articulation is compromised. In this mode, only the limbs can move; the head is stuck looking forward.
IMG_4829 - Copy

The mouth can open and close. No surprises here.

Most of the joints on the limbs are ratcheted; only the wrists, lower knees and ankles are non-ratcheted joints. The ratcheted joints are ridiculously tight. While it is understandable that the hips and leg joints are tight as they serve the same purpose in GaoGaiGar, the shoulder joints are almost unnecessarily tight.

IMG_4830 - Copy
IMG_4832 - Copy

The front paws can rotate sideways sort of like an ankle joint to make poses more convincing. I don’t have a big enough stand to support this figure, so action poses are really limited. While the waist can rotate, it’s not flexible enough to make it do more cat-like poses.


IMG_4833 - Copy

The tail and waist skirts are folded up.
IMG_4834 - Copy

The legs are straightened and extended at the shins. The rear paws open up and become the feet while the front paws fold up to reveal the hands. The mane on top is folded down, the lion head is lifted to a diagonal position and then rotated round.

IMG_4835 - Copy

The waist is rotated 180 degrees, while the head is revealed by opening up the shoulders to lift it out from inside.

IMG_4851 - Copy


IMG_4852 - CopyNarrator: After Cyborg Guy fuses with Galeon, they become the mighty robot GaiGar.

IMG_4853 - Copy


IMG_4854 - Copy


IMG_4855 - Copy


IMG_4856 - Copy



Narrator: This is the key to victory!


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