figma Motoko Kusanagi

Finally back from my hiatus and despite promising to review a large item I couldn’t make it in time; here’s a relatively fast review of a newly-released item instead.

IMG_4775 - Copy

It’s been almost 2 years since I last bought a figma. I guess it’s because I haven’t been watching the latest anime du jour and recent figma figures have just been trying to capitalize on trends. IMG_4777 - Copy

I jumped on this right away as I am a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, but have been too lazy to start watching Arise.

IMG_4779 - Copy IMG_4780 - Copy

Package contents. You get an extra fringe part, two extra faces, 2 weapons, an extra bust part and 4 extra pairs of hands.

IMG_4781 - Copy IMG_4782 - Copy IMG_4783 - Copy IMG_4784 - Copy IMG_4785 - Copy IMG_4786 - Copy IMG_4787 - Copy IMG_4788 - Copy

Overall views. Some people may have preferred her leotard-only look which reveals much more flesh. I don’t really like the cuts on the jacket which is made of soft plastic but they’re there for articulation.

IMG_4790 - Copy

Close-up you’ll notice the sculpt of the hair is really soft and mushy. I expected something a little better than that.

IMG_4791 - Copy

The extra fringe part is just a tad better, with the hair blowing in the wind. For the shouting face, the inside of the mouth is also painted.

IMG_4792 - Copy

The second extra face is of her smiling.

IMG_4793 - Copy

There is a nice contrast between the glossy jacket and the matte leotard.

IMG_4794 - Copy

The extra bust piece ostensibly allows for easier posing of the Major holding weapons with both hands.

IMG_4795 - Copy

Ports are printed on the back of the neck.

IMG_4796 - Copy

Somehow I think the peg hole on the back is an eyesore, but it has always existed on every figma figure. Also no fabled butt technology is present on this figure haha.

IMG_4797 - Copy

Seburo M-5.

IMG_4798 - Copy

Seburo C-26A with removable suppressor. It can also be held with both hands.

IMG_4799 - Copy

Articulation. I’ve heard there were several changes to the line over the years so I’m a bit out of date. On this particular figure the neck is double-jointed.

IMG_4800 - Copy

There are ball joints located in the upper torso and waist allowing for a wide range of motion in all directions.

IMG_4801 - Copy

Arms are standard fare, but the wrists now have tiny joints so the hands look slightly better and the long sleeves effectively hide the joints.

IMG_4802 - Copy

As there isn’t much clothing in the way, it’s easy to get the figure in a kneeling position. The toes of the feet are also articulated.

IMG_4804 - Copy IMG_4805 - Copy

I’m not sure if the extra bust part really makes a huge improvement in articulation.

IMG_4806 - Copy IMG_4807 - Copy IMG_4808 - Copy IMG_4809 - Copy IMG_4810 - Copy IMG_4811 - Copy IMG_4813 - Copy IMG_4814 - Copy IMG_4815 - Copy

I stopped buying figma figures for a long while because of their ever-rising prices, but this time they are kinda offset due to the currently weak Japanese Yen. I also used some points which I have stored to pretty much pay for this figure. Apart from the poor-looking hair this is a decent articulated figure of the Major that is also in scale with many other figures. With the possibility that Max Factory might throw out other variations of her, it’s therefore a more attractive toy to consider.


7 thoughts on “figma Motoko Kusanagi”

  1. looks nice 😀 for detail sake I wish they give her the handgun holster that usually right on her back right above her ass 😛 at least that what i remember from the anime lol

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