Another hiatus

When you read this post I’ll actually be back home for about two weeks. I won’t be able to post reviews during this time, but if there are no delays I might have a large item coming in after Christmas and I’ll probably be able to review it next month once I have a free weekend.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to anyone who’s still reading this 🙂

2014-08-10 21.45.27

I got this quite long ago but forgot about it until now. The plan is to stick a Nendoroid head in it but I don’t have them with me now. 2014-10-13 15.15.54 2014-11-30 19.33.12 2014-12-22 23.10.44

Various ero figures which I probably shouldn’t have bought. The Mammon statue took over a year to arrive after I paid for it at a convenience store one cold night in November last year.


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