Armored Parts for VF-25S Renewal Ver.

When news that the VF-25S was going to be re-released, I quickly searched for a used set online before prices would shoot up to crazy levels. It still wasn’t cheap, but the price is probably reasonable compared to current levels. Either way, it’s still kinda dumb when the add-on set costs way more than the main figure itself.

IMG_4725 - CopyIMG_4723 - Copy

This thing was sealed and even came with the original shipping box.

IMG_4724 - CopyIMG_4721 - Copy IMG_4722 - Copy

It’s quite a thick box and contains a second tray holding mostly the stand adapters.

IMG_4719 - Copy

Here are the Armor Parts laid out. There are two crotch plates; one has gaps for the stand adapter to fit.

IMG_4720 - Copy

Another set of stand adapters.

IMG_4718 - Copy

You have to swap out some parts on the Valkyrie and remove the engine intakes as the thigh pieces use them as mounting points, solving the loose issue that plagued the thigh pieces on the Super Parts.

IMG_4678 - Copy

The Valkyrie is significantly bulked up as a result. IMG_4679 - Copy IMG_4680 - Copy

I guess it’s supposed to look like a delta wing but there’s so much bulk I don’t think it’s meant to fly in an atmosphere. IMG_4681 - Copy

It looks more like some spaceship from a shooting game. IMG_4682 - Copy

When viewed from the side you can see how much the added bulk makes the plane tilt when displayed with the landing gear deployed. IMG_4683 - Copy IMG_4684 - Copy

Like the Super Parts, there is a pair of missile pods that simply sit on top without any locking mechanism. IMG_4685 - Copy

They also open up the same way. IMG_4686 - Copy

There is a second pair in front for more missile spam. IMG_4687 - Copy IMG_4688 - Copy

The stick-like cannons on the wing packs can swivel and tilt on separate joints. It’s a combination that gives it nearly as much range as a ball joint but makes it a bit difficult to move as you don’t know which direction it’s able to go in. The bombs on both sides are stuck to pylons which can be removed from the armour but are really fragile.

IMG_4689 - Copy

The huge thrusters are on ball joints. There aren’t as many thrusters as the Supers but only the huge ones on the back are articulated. IMG_4690 - Copy

The landing gears are stowed underneath sliding doors. IMG_4691 - Copy

There is supposed to be an extra piece that holds the legs together. I forgot about it but it seems to be able to hold together fine. IMG_4692 - Copy

It’s easier to attach the toy on the stand compared to the Supers. IMG_4693 - Copy

The antenna array on top can rotate if you choose to. IMG_4694 - Copy

Just really badass overall.

IMG_4695 - Copy

Due to the massive weight, it’s a bit nerve-wracking to transform, especially with the load on the hinges near the wing roots. IMG_4696 - Copy

As usual the arms are blocked and can’t really move. In fact the left arm is practically unmovable as the shield is already touching the extra bits on the wing. IMG_4697 - Copy IMG_4698 - Copy

In this mode the toy supports itself by having all the joints on the legs in their extreme positions (ie. bent completely, splayed fully etc.) as there are no support braces unlike those found on the Tornado Parts.  IMG_4699 - Copy

Gerwalk missile spam.

IMG_4700 - Copy

This is the only pic where I managed to get the Valkyrie to stand without resorting to using the stand adapters. IMG_4701 - Copy IMG_4702 - Copy IMG_4703 - Copy IMG_4704 - Copy IMG_4705 - Copy IMG_4706 - Copy IMG_4707 - Copy

There’s so much weight dangling from the back that the folding crotch mechanism with the hip joint clips can’t support the weight of the toy and it tumbles backwards.

IMG_4708 - Copy

The shoulder pods simply sit on top. Again an annoyance to adjust.

IMG_4709 - Copy

The shield is also bulked up.

IMG_4710 - Copy

There are extra armour pieces on the back of the arms.

IMG_4711 - Copy

The legs are massive. It’s hard to believe this thing can still transform with all that extra armour.IMG_4712 - Copy

Maximum Itano circusIMG_4713 - Copy IMG_4714 - Copy IMG_4715 - Copy IMG_4716 - Copy IMG_4717 - Copy

You can swap out the parts on the chest to make the missile bay doors open in the other direction. I’m not sure what the purpose is for though.

Due to the mass I don’t think the toy would hold up too well to a lot of play. As the 25S nearly always appeared with Armor Parts on, this is practically a must-get. It’s too bad it would probably never get re-released, and prices would just keep climbing to ridiculous levels.


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