SH Figuarts Zero

I’ve been a huge fan of the Megaman series of games and particularly liked the Zero and ZX series even though opinions on them were divisive. This time, Bandai has rendered the MMZ version of Zero as a Tamashii Web exclusive figure as a rival to the existing Kotobukiya plastic kit which seemed to be a disappointment, and the rare garage kit only found during Wonder Festival.

IMG_4569 - Copy

IMG_4571 - Copy

The package has a large Z emblazoned across, but with the SH Figuarts label now that the game-centric D-Arts label has been absorbed.

IMG_4572 - Copy

IMG_4573 - Copy

IMG_4574 - Copy

Package contents. You get an extra face, the Buster Shot, Shield, Triple Rod and Z Saber, as well as three extra pairs of hands. Two pairs are for holding the weapons.

IMG_4575 - Copy

IMG_4576 - Copy IMG_4577 - Copy

IMG_4578 - Copy IMG_4579 - Copy

IMG_4580 - Copy IMG_4581 - Copy

IMG_4582 - Copy

Overall views. Compared to the oversized head on the Kotobukiya model kit, this figure has slightly better proportions, though it still has fairly elongated limbs that deviate from the style of the Gameboy Advance graphics. I’m not familiar with other games but I think he has appeared in SNK vs Capcom and maybe this figure is meant to mimic that style instead.

IMG_4583 - Copy

The helmet looks nice when he’s looking down. The forehead crystal is clear green with a silver painted piece behind. The rest of the helmet is molded in white plastic then painted.

IMG_4584 - Copy

The arms are thin and lack shoulder pads from the X series. Also notice the triple-jointed hair. Unfortunately the connecting peg is really short and the hair is made of hard plastic so it tends to get detached when you bump against it.

IMG_4585 - Copy

The characteristic small torso, large hips style.

IMG_4586 - Copy

No bell bottoms, just big feet. Also, those white things on the thighs are actually the saber hilts and can be detached, but they are really tiny and on my figure the one on the right thigh is really loose while the left one is stuck.

IMG_4587 - Copy

The face doesn’t look as good from a lower angle.

IMG_4588 - Copy

The extra face also looks lopsided. It’s difficult to remove the front of the helmet as it has sharp points, and the purple/gray is painted on so I’m worried that the paint may be scratched along the seam.

IMG_4589 - Copy

Buster Shot. A total departure from the Z Buster in the X series; completely dumbed down into a pea shooter.

IMG_4590 - Copy

Zero’s trademark Z Saber, rendered in nice clear green.

IMG_4591 - Copy

The Triple Rod from the first Zero game.

IMG_4592 - Copy

The shield is attached by replacing the wrist gauntlet. You have to remove the wrist joint as well, and it’s a bit hard to reattach the wrist joint and hand as the shield gets in the way of things.

IMG_4593 - Copy

Articulation. The head is on a double joint; one in the neck and one in the collar.

IMG_4594 - Copy

He can’t look up much as the hair is in the way. The chest joint can somewhat compensate.

IMG_4595 - Copy

The chest can rotate all the way around. The shoulders can swing slightly and there are upper arm swivels. The arms are double-jointed, and the wrists have joints instead of being mere ball pegs.

IMG_4596 - Copy

The hips have the usual extending joints and double joints for the knees. The feet have toe joints and in addition to the usual ankle joints there is a second joint in the lower legs where the yellow ankle braces connect.

IMG_4597 - Copy

He can do the splits but as a Figuarts figure he has slightly limited ankle articulation despite the double-jointed ankles.

IMG_4598 - Copy

Action. Tried to do the hibernating pose from the beginning of the games but couldn’t pull it off well so I gave up.

IMG_4599 - Copy

Copying official art.

IMG_4600 - Copy

Pretending to be a sprite.

IMG_4601 - Copy

He looked much more badass in this pose in the games though.

IMG_4602 - Copy


IMG_4603 - Copy

Pea shooter action.

IMG_4604 - Copy

IMG_4605 - Copy

IMG_4606 - Copy

Charged up shield boomerang ready to throw.

IMG_4608 - Copy

Triple Rod. Can’t think of any nice poses with it though.

IMG_4609 - Copy

Finishing with the Z Saber.

IMG_4610 - Copy

IMG_4611 - Copy

IMG_4613 - Copy

Better-looking than the Kotobukiya kit, with more posability. It would have been better if he came with effect parts and weapons from later games, especially the Chain and Recoil Rods. Or just an extra hand with a Z emblazoned on the palm for some Z Knuckle action.


Edit: On an unrelated note, fate has been screwing with me and I’ve been assigned to work in Kyushu. I’ll be moving next weekend so there might be a brief hiatus or two.


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