Hot Toys MMS Diecast Iron Man Mk 42 – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, this time with the figure in its battle-damaged appearance which it took on in most of the movie.

IMG_4545 - Copy

IMG_4546 - Copy IMG_4547 - Copy IMG_4548 - Copy IMG_4549 - Copy IMG_4550 - Copy IMG_4551 - Copy IMG_4552 - Copy

Overall views. The damage is limited to the upper part of the figure and unfortunately feels a bit incomplete. The damaged parts are all plastic and are also in a matte finish making the contrast even more apparent. You can see the flesh coloured head peeking from underneath the helmet in the pictures above.

IMG_4553 - Copy

Scratches and burn marks are added to the head. Parts of the torso and shoulder pauldrons are missing, revealing the mechanical detail underneath. The right upper arm has an entirely new piece with the inner bits exposed. Both forearms also have parts exposed.

IMG_4554 - Copy

The battle damaged helmet also contains the headsculpt of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, complete with injuries.

IMG_4555 - Copy IMG_4556 - Copy

Adding more views just because of how real it looks.

IMG_4557 - Copy

Like the normal helmet, it has magnets on the top of the head so you can attach the mask in both the closed and open positions. As a side effect of the lighting in this picture you can see that the plastic used for the helmet isn’t very opaque.

IMG_4558 - Copy

Here’s a picture of the figure without the damaged parts. The chest piece simply attaches via 3 rather thin pegs. The shoulder pauldrons clip onto the rectangular holes. The damaged upper arm clips onto the holes in the gray plastic, and a magnet in each of the forearms makes swapping the forearm armours literally a snap. (ha ha I deserve to be shot for the horrible pun) The hand covers slide onto the arms like the original ones.

IMG_4559 - Copy

The right forearm also comes with the panels open to show the missile Stark used in the first fight with this suit. Again due to the lighting you can tell that the red plastic isn’t really opaque.

IMG_4560 - Copy

One thing I didn’t mention in the main review – both the normal and damaged masks have intricate detailing on their insides.

IMG_4562 - Copy IMG_4563 - Copy IMG_4564 - Copy

“Sir, the suit is not combat ready.”

IMG_4565 - Copy

The damaged head doesn’t have the lighting effect, but you can swap the mask onto the normal one and make do.

While the damaged appearance is a bit half-assed, at least Hot Toys was generous enough to include parts for it instead of making a completely new figure. I know it’s asking for too much but it would be even more awesome if a headsculpt of Gwyneth Paltrow were also provided.

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