SH Figuarts Iron Man Mk 42

The latest design in the Iron Man movies turned out to be polarising as some people weren’t a fan of the balance between gold and yellow and perhaps because it played a rather comical role due to being an incomplete suit within the story. However I quite liked its mechanical appearance with the panel detail all over.

IMG_4465 - Copy

IMG_4466 - Copy

IMG_4467 - Copy IMG_4468 - Copy

Like the Iron Patriot which I talked about last week, the Mk 42 is also sparsely loaded out, with just a set of effect parts and three extra pairs of hands. With the salute/chopping hands being so rarely used maybe it might have been better to replace them with repulsor-firing hands but without the pegs for the effects. Once again, the hand covers have to be replaced every time which is a huge pain.

IMG_4469 - Copy IMG_4470 - Copy IMG_4471 - Copy IMG_4472 - Copy IMG_4473 - Copy IMG_4474 - Copy IMG_4475 - Copy IMG_4476 - Copy

Overall views. Sculpt-wise there are no complaints from me as I think it looks like the model used in the movie. The complicated paint job with the two-tone gold colouring is reproduced without glaring painting errors, but on my copy the mouth slit has a botched panel lining job. Also the base of the neck was stuck to the collar and when I dislodged it there was some chipped paint.

IMG_4477 - Copy

You can see in this close-up the messed up mouth slit. Other than that, clear parts are used for the eyes. It’s easier to tell because they aren’t as deeply-set as the Iron Patriot’s.

IMG_4478 - Copy

The arc reactor also has a clear covering on top of some nice mechanical detail, but it’s not very thick so it’s hard to tell.

IMG_4479 - Copy

Arms. It would be too much to ask for some opening forearms with missiles inside them at this size.

IMG_4480 - Copy

Details on the back.

IMG_4481 - Copy

The legs have a collapsing thigh mechanism when you bend the knees so the calves don’t restrict the bending range. The area around the ankles is made of flexible plastic, but the gap stands out too much. Also, the feet are die-cast.

IMG_4482 - Copy IMG_4483 - Copy

Neck and waist articulation is superb, with the triple-jointed neck allowing Stark to look around in all sorts of angles.

IMG_4484 - Copy

The chest armour gets in the way of the shoulders, but there’s an extending mechanism that alleviates the problem just a little.

IMG_4485 - Copy

Superb range everywhere else, at the expense of some gaps in the hips and ankles. As you can see, the hips use an extending joint, and the thigh swivels are ball joints as well. The Hot Toys version gives the underpants hips movable panels which I guess is a different way of solving the articulation issues around the hips.

IMG_4486 - Copy

No problems with splits, though the hip area looks a bit messed up.

IMG_4487 - Copy

Can’t have an Iron Man post without a floor punch pose.

IMG_4488 - Copy

The only use for the chopping palms seems to be for its transformation/suit up pose.

IMG_4489 - Copy IMG_4490 - Copy IMG_4491 - Copy IMG_4492 - Copy IMG_4494 - Copy

I can’t really remember whether the Mk 42 even used its palm repulsors.

IMG_4495 - Copy

In the movie it didn’t get into many combat situations.

IMG_4497 - Copy IMG_4498 - Copy

I wish James Rhodes would continue to appear alongside Stark in future movies as I like the chemistry between them.

IMG_4499 - Copy

The first release came with a bonus gift for recreating that one scene.

IMG_4501 - Copy IMG_4502 - CopyThe cushions are glued together and are actually hollow with huge waffle-like cutouts on the underside. The couch and cushions are just two large hollow chunks of plastic really.

Again like the Iron Patriot the horribly loose hand covers are a huge annoyance. If you like the design, this is a great figure at the 6-inch scale as I believe it has the best-looking sculpt.



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