SH Figuarts Iron Patriot

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything remotely interesting. I was on vacation last week too. My company has suddenly decided to make me sit for the JLPT so recently I’ve been spending my free time trying to study some Japanese too. Anyway, I’ve finally gotten something worth reviewing.

IMG_4427 - Copy

IMG_4428 - Copy

Packaging is the usual compact box.

IMG_4429 - Copy

IMG_4430 - Copy

Content-wise there isn’t much other than a set of effect parts and 3 extra pairs of hands. To swap hands you have to remove the hand covers and replace them. It’s very annoying as the covers are really loose and it would have been better if all the hands came with the hand covers installed.

IMG_4431 - Copy

IMG_4432 - Copy IMG_4433 - Copy IMG_4434 - Copy

IMG_4435 - Copy IMG_4436 - Copy IMG_4437 - Copy IMG_4438 - Copy

Overall views. In my opinion it looks faithful to the movie except that it lacks stamp-printed markings. The gaudy paint job is mostly faithfully reproduced except for some inconsistencies which may be due to quality control issues.

IMG_4439 - Copy

The head retains the panel lines which the prototype didn’t have. Clear parts are used for the eyes but due to their tiny size it’s hard to tell.

IMG_4440 - Copy

The chest reactor is also clear.

IMG_4441 - Copy

The insides of the shoulders are unfortunately plain gray unpainted plastic.

IMG_4442 - Copy

There are two mounting points for the shoulder cannon. The Hot Toys version uses a rail instead which looks better but doesn’t do as well a job holding the cannon in place.

IMG_4443 - Copy

The side skirts are movable and like its larger counterpart they also tend to get caught inside the upper thighs. Looks like this is a problem inherent to the design.

IMG_4444 - Copy

The backs of the thighs have a collapsing mechanism that works with the upper knee joint. It’s very cool but doesn’t seem necessary as the calves don’t actually go inside the thighs.

IMG_4445 - Copy IMG_4446 - Copy

Superb articulation as expected of the line. There is a seam along the waist but doesn’t appear to be part of any waist joint. I particularly like the triple-jointed neck even though it doesn’t pop in place and simply falls out if you tug on it too much.

IMG_4447 - Copy

The wrists are now simple ball pegs. The sides of the ankles are made of soft plastic while the back of the heels are also articulated, just like the Hot Toys version. It also has diecast feet which sounds like a rarity nowadays.

IMG_4448 - Copy

There are extending joints for the hips but there are also ball joints where the thigh swivels are usually located. I think this prevents the tops of the thighs from bumping into the underpants-shaped hips.

IMG_4449 - Copy IMG_4450 - Copy

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with parts for deploying the forearm weapons.

IMG_4451 - Copy

“Who’s this?”

IMG_4452 - Copy

The repulsor effect parts simply plug into the holes on the soles and into pegs on the designated hands.

IMG_4453 - Copy IMG_4454 - Copy

Two pairs of effects are provided for the hands. One pair is slightly larger.

IMG_4455 - Copy IMG_4456 - Copy

Floor punches have become a staple.

IMG_4457 - Copy IMG_4459 - Copy IMG_4461 - Copy IMG_4462 - Copy IMG_4463 - Copy

IMG_4464 - Copy

To me this is a great figure that is otherwise marred by the jarring paint inconsistencies, missing stamp printing and troublesome hands. While it indeed has a complicated paintjob, it’s a pity on my figure the forehead has uneven paint and the back seems to have some underspray. The hand covers are also annoying.

Is it the best representation of the character? I’d say the Hot Toys version takes the high-end position, but this guy definitely is worth it at its price point. Even among its 6-inch-sized counterparts it stands out because it doesn’t have really obvious joints like the figma and Revoltech Iron Men have, and the Revoltech versions look like a hand-sculpted representation rather than a copy of the CG models.


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