Hot+ Black Widow Outfit

This set came out in June I think, but I combined it with another order that got delayed for months until Amiami decided to not let me drag any longer and wanted payment. I couldn’t modify the order either so I had to pay shipping for just one item that weighed nearly nothing.

IMG_4394 - Copy

It has a unique package that is unfortunately constructed out of paper that isn’t thick.

IMG_4395 - Copy

The huge package size is seemingly meant to prevent the clothing from getting wrinkled. They are pinned to the box with threads. It’s just a three piece affair, consisting of the dress, sleeves and underwear.

IMG_4400 - Copy

The dress itself has a nice design but on mine there was some loose thread dangling near the waist. I cut it off but I hope it won’t cause the thing to fall apart. It fits nicely on the Amazonian Original Effect body.

IMG_4403 - Copy

With the sleeves. It has a large collar that gets in the way of the hair. IMG_4404 - Copy

Everything is fastened using hooks.

IMG_4405 - Copy

The dress slit is so high you can see the elastic of the underpants. I’m not showing them but they are made of a shiny plastic-like material with two waistbands. I have no idea why it’s plastic and has two waistbands.

IMG_4406 - Copy IMG_4408 - Copy IMG_4409 - CopyLike the other outfits I’ve bought, this is another overpriced item I got off Amiami. Looks like my toy-buying habits have slowed, but it’s hard to keep churning out content when you end up with a few expensive items rather than buying many cheap ones.

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