Pop Toys Rider Wear

Another week without reviews. I should have split last week’s post for consistency. Here’s a few pictures of the Rider Wear set by Pop Toys.

IMG_4384 - Copy

IMG_4385 - Copy

It also comes with a pair of ankle-length boots that replace the feet on the body but it’s not compatible with the Kumik base body which I’m using as the ankle cups are a different size.

IMG_4386 - Copy

Despite the incompatibility the jacket and pants fit the reasonably-proportioned body very snugly.

IMG_4387 - Copy

There is also a crop top(?) but it doesn’t stretch and is very hard to fit. I was afraid of ripping it when I tried it on my figure.

IMG_4388 - Copy IMG_4389 - Copy

I suppose if you used the included shoes you might be able to squeeze a little more articulation range out of the legs but the tight pants prevents the knee joints from moving too much.

IMG_4390 - Copy

The side zippers also work but there are no pockets.

IMG_4391 - CopyHad to do quite a bit of photoshop to reduce the horrible stains on the body which were caused by the camisole set previously.


2 thoughts on “Pop Toys Rider Wear”

    1. I guess whatever scale they are the clothes are still more expensive than human-sized ones eh. Hahah

      And I got them from Amiami which overcharges on foreign stuff so it’s worse.

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