Fine Line

While my battered wallet is appearing to take a well-deserved breather amidst these few slow weeks, I’ve been spending time outside instead as summer is almost reaching its end. In the meantime, I dug up some not-so new pictures of some of my 1/6 figures in my slowly growing collection of clothing.

IMG_4117 - Copy IMG_4118 - Copy IMG_4119 - Copy IMG_4120 - Copy IMG_4121 - Copy IMG_4122 - Copy IMG_4123 - Copy IMG_3422 - Copy IMG_3423 - Copy

I believe this camisole set was meant for seamless bodies at the severe risk of staining them. Nevertheless I used it on this cheap-ish Kumik body. Too bad the skin tone looks grayish compared to the head.

IMG_4126 - Copy IMG_4124 - Copy IMG_4125 - CopyIMG_3414 - Copy IMG_3415 - Copy IMG_3416 - Copy IMG_3417 - Copy IMG_3418 - Copy IMG_3419 - Copy

This is probably much better looking than the previous set as it covers up most of the body.

IMG_4131 - Copy IMG_4128 - Copy IMG_4129 - Copy IMG_4130 - CopyIMG_4139 - Copy IMG_4163 - Copy IMG_4164 - Copy IMG_4165 - Copy IMG_4166 - Copy IMG_4167 - Copy IMG_4168 - Copy

Another set of clothes, this time on a Play Toy body, just because. Thanks to its ridiculous proportions only this set is able to fit it.

I still have one or two more outfits lacking bodies to put on as I don’t want to subject the existing clothes to wear and tear with each swap. Also the camisole is a pain to put on and off due to the back lacing. Maybe I should get an Obitsu body for a change but they seem too dollish with really tiny feet. Not sure if they can even stand on their own. The proportions might be a poor fit for the clothing though.

2013-08-31 02.21.34 - Copy 2013-08-31 02.24.13 - Copy 2013-08-31 02.24.40 - Copy

And for austerity, crappy phone pics from before I left for Japan.

Looks like WordPress finally shrinks pictures automatically when inserting them into posts. Welp, more inconsistent posts.


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