Another one of those get posts…

Not too long ago Bandai announced that they finally decided to reissue the VF-25S and I was lucky enough to get in a pre-order on HLJ. I’m not sure if they can fulfill it but I’m holding out hope that I can find it in a shop somewhere here in Japan. So far I’ve seen the 2nd reissue 25F and the recently released YF-30 in shops several times. 

2014-08-17 19.38.38

Saw the Armor Parts on Mandarake and while it might not be a wise choice to buy it at this time with the renewed demand for it, I clicked order expecting to be late to the party but managed to get it, at a hefty price no less. It’s kinda ironic that the parts cost more than the Valkyrie itself. I’ll have to wait until November to equip this on the 25S so no reviews of it anytime soon heh.

Moving on to the stuff I don’t review – statues.

 2014-07-26 12.52.19 2014-07-26 12.54.48 2014-07-26 12.59.55The whole lot of this was all from Mandarake back in May.The cake box is Native’s Collet, still sealed and given how much I paid for it I’m still hesitant on opening it. The Sonico prize figure is dirt cheap in comparison, but now GSC has announced another pretty looking one. Lastly Viletta had a damaged box but still cost a bomb because it was sealed.

2014-07-26 13.03.25And finally, a not safe for work figure off Amiami. This one came out in July, the same month as a few other statues I was interested in. I think they were the Diskvision Victoria figure and Princess Milk. While I really like Toshihide Sano’s art I think the figures don’t capture the look very well. In fact there’s a new figure coming in December and I still think the face looks weird.

Ironically in my previous statue-related post I was saying how I wanted to cut down spending but all I end up doing is snapping up all those really expensive figures on the second hand market. Part of me wants to just ignore my Amiami account altogether heh.

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