RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam

I built this kit out of the box shortly after coming to Japan. Never really took proper pictures of it because I wasn’t writing posts on this blog back then and conveniently forgot about it until recently.

IMG_4336 - Copy

IMG_4337 - Copy

It looks really great, and the promo pics on the box and manual actually state that it has only been panel lined and top coated.

IMG_4338 - Copy IMG_4341 - Copy IMG_4342 - Copy IMG_4343 - Copy IMG_4344 - Copy IMG_4345 - Copy IMG_4346 - Copy IMG_4347 - Copy

Overall views. I didn’t show pics of the inner frame as disassembling the model might break the fragile frame parts.

IMG_4349 - Copy

I assume subsequent models in this line are also molded perfectly in colour. Seems like there’s a trend of thick accent lines that started with the 00 series. The good thing about these stickers is that they are cut to the shape of the parts so that the borders don’t look too obvious. Well most of the time.

IMG_4350 - Copy

I really dig the metallic stickers too. I applied the non-metallic ones before spraying top coat, then applied the metallic ones so that they still look shiny. The drawback is that the stickers don’t stick too well in the first place.

IMG_4351 - Copy IMG_4352 - Copy IMG_4353 - Copy

The copper-coloured ones on the back of the knees cover some contoured areas so getting them to stick firmly is a pain.

IMG_4354 - Copy

Here are all the accessories it comes with.

IMG_4355 - Copy

The Core Fighter is really impressive.

IMG_4357 - Copy

The canopy opens but the cockpit area is already so tiny there isn’t much detail to see.

IMG_4358 - Copy

It transforms nearly perfectly. You only have to detach the landing gear.

IMG_4359 - Copy

It fits in the waist of the Gundam, but the dummy core block has a ball joint for the waist.

IMG_4360 - Copy

Strangely it can’t really look down much; the chin can’t reach its collar haha.

IMG_4361 - Copy

Otherwise it has superb articulation which is only hampered by the fact that the joints aren’t very tight and there are so many moving parts it’s a bit annoying to get everything in place.

IMG_4362 - Copy

The back of the upper arm slides but it’s quite loose.

IMG_4363 - Copy

The waist can swing so that the hip joints can be moved forward similar to modern MG kits.

IMG_4364 - Copy

It doesn’t swing that far forward so I’m not sure if it’s any use.

IMG_4365 - Copy

The hip joints have a wide range, and so are the knees. The ankles as usual are still somewhat lacking. The sliding armour on the thighs are nice but you have to make sure you aren’t pressing against the moving parts when bending the joints as it would break the inner frame.

IMG_4366 - Copy

The skirt parts fall off too easily. The toes have multiple joints but they don’t have much range.

IMG_4367 - Copy

The bazooka can mount on the back via a peg. The unfolding hatches cover up the peg hole.

IMG_4368 - Copy

The beam sabers and beam rifle can mount on the inside of the shield. The mount latch slides along the rail. The forearm mount peg is really cleverly designed as well – it’s a only slit.

IMG_4369 - Copy

The fingers are somewhat articulated but the ball joints fall off easily. There is one joint on the first joint of all the fingers. Weapons peg into the space between the wrist and the palm.

IMG_4370 - Copy

Fully armed. The thumb can’t wrap around the rifle though.

IMG_4371 - Copy

Rear view.

IMG_4372 - Copy IMG_4374 - Copy IMG_4375 - Copy IMG_4376 - Copy IMG_4377 - Copy

No idea why beams for 1/100 scale kits were included. They are far too large and too heavy for the Gundam to hold them reliably.

IMG_4378 - Copy IMG_4379 - Copy IMG_4381 - Copy IMG_4382 - Copy IMG_4383 - Copy

Finishing off with a Last Shooting.

The RG line is really great for snap-fitting. The only drawback is the tiny size which makes it hard to mess with.

3 thoughts on “RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam”

    1. I don’t recall seeing RG kits on your blog but yeah they’re really detailed for their size. I myself am not so sure whether to get more though as most of my previous collection is 1/100 scale.

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