Revoltech Cattleya

While the Revoltech line, especially the Queen’s Blade series, appears to be dying, there has been a wave of re-releases of previous Revoltech figures under the “Legacy of Revoltech” banner. To me Kaiyodo is screaming and admitting that their clicky joints don’t work too well as newer figures are now in a different scale but the biggest deal is that they don’t have clicky joints anymore. Cattleya is one of the older Queen’s Blade figures which seems to have escalated in value on the second hand market, until this re-release gave collectors a second chance.

IMG_4170 - Copy

IMG_4171 - Copy

The packaging has been redone in a more compact form factor. However I think the price has increased this time.

IMG_4172 - CopyIMG_4205 - Copy

I believe nothing has changed in this version. You get a set of damaged clothes, a different fringe part, two extra faces, two extra pairs of hands, a stand and a sword.

IMG_4175 - Copy

IMG_4176 - Copy IMG_4177 - Copy IMG_4178 - Copy IMG_4179 - Copy IMG_4180 - Copy IMG_4181 - Copy IMG_4182 - Copy

Overall views. Due to the one-piece nature of the clothing, it looks much better than my other QB figure. I forgot to take close-up views of various parts but you can see the thigh cuts aren’t smooth so the seams are quite visible. There is actually a gap underneath the breasts so that the clothing can be removed.

IMG_4183 - Copy

The glasses are attached to the fringe. It’s a clear piece with the edges painted.

IMG_4184 - Copy IMG_4185 - Copy IMG_4186 - Copy

Extra faces are swapped by flipping the fringe and replacing them.

IMG_4187 - Copy

Without much clothing to get in the way, articulation is great.

IMG_4188 - Copy

The waist can tilt back really far. The neck joint has a wide range but needs the collar to hide it or it will look very ugly.

IMG_4189 - Copy

The joint arrangement is bog standard but with nothing in the way they have a wide range. Twist the torso too much and the dress straps become awkward, or the breasts pop out of the clothes.

IMG_4190 - Copy IMG_4191 - Copy

Given her huge thighs it would have been nice if larger joints were used for the hips as the current ones have too much play in them.

IMG_4193 - Copy IMG_4194 - Copy IMG_4195 - Copy IMG_4196 - Copy IMG_4197 - Copy

Even though her weapon is huge she can miraculously wield it.

IMG_4198 - Copy IMG_4199 - Copy IMG_4200 - Copy IMG_4201 - Copy IMG_4202 - Copy IMG_4203 - Copy IMG_4204 - Copy

Don’t have an in-scale Iron Man with me right now so we’ll have to make do with her own sword, but as you’ll know, she is completely cast-offable. Her clothing is made of soft plastic and you have to disassemble her partially to swap outfits. Her breasts are slightly squishable, though it doesn’t really serve any useful purpose as they aren’t that soft anyway. To think a post on toys would degenerate to talk about this.

While the usual complaints about the Revolver joints still apply, I felt like I had more fun messing with this figure. The play in the joints didn’t annoy me as much because the articulation range seemed to make up for its shortcomings. I believe there are other articulated versions of her, but within the Revoltech line itself she seems to be one of the better figures. It’s really too bad Nyx will never get a Revoltech figure and that other articulated version is so horrible.



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