Tornado Parts for VF-25F Renewal Ver.

Here’s a review of the Tamashii exclusive Tornado Parts for the VF-25F.

IMG_4067 - Copy IMG_4068 - Copy

IMG_4069 - Copy

IMG_4112 - Copy

There’s a typo on the sides of the box which gave me a good scare.   IMG_4070 - Copy

IMG_4071 - Copy

The package comes with 2 trays and more parts stuffed into a bag taped underneath the second tray.

IMG_4111 - Copy

The first one is a mount for the gun pod in Fighter mode. The T-shaped piece is a stand adapter for Fighter while the rectangular one is a support brace for Battroid when not using the stand. Finally the three pieces on the bottom row are support parts for Gerwalk mode. IMG_4073 - Copy

Being a technology demonstration of the YF-29 (I think), the Tornado Parts come with a swiveling cannon turret and extra engines on the wing tips. It turns the VF-25 into a delta wing configuration.

IMG_4074 - Copy IMG_4075 - Copy IMG_4076 - Copy IMG_4077 - Copy IMG_4078 - CopyIMG_4079 - Copy IMG_4080 - Copy IMG_4081 - Copy

Like the YF-29, the Tornado Parts can also be reconfigured for atmospheric flight. This involves removing the engine covers and the missile containers underneath the wings.

IMG_4082 - Copy

It’s dark but there’s the usual shallow fan detail.

IMG_4084 - Copy

The individual cannons can angle up and down.

IMG_4085 - Copy

The engine pod can rotate with detents in the horizontal position. They seem to work better than the YF-29. The thrusters are on ball joints.

IMG_4086 - Copy

To display it in Fighter a new stand adapter is provided. A separate mounting part is required to attach the gun pod underneath the forearms which now have armour pieces.

IMG_4087 - Copy IMG_4088 - Copy

Back to the space setup.

IMG_4089 - Copy

The missile containers open to show off the missile corn.

IMG_4090 - Copy

It’s too bad the cannons don’t have detents like the engine pods to keep them horizontal. They can’t really point upwards if you rotate them around.

IMG_4091 - Copy

Like the Super Parts, the arms cannot really move in Gerwalk mode as they will bump into the wing mounted containers blocking them. Due to the immense weight of the add-on wings, it is a must to use the support parts. Transforming it is also a nervous experience as I’m worried the weight of the wings might cause the hinges to snap.

IMG_4092 - Copy

It’s really back-heavy and tricky to balance without falling backwards.

IMG_4093 - Copy

From the back you can see that the main part supports the wings while the two arms keep the extending Gerwalk thigh joint in position. It also means the legs can’t really move much in this mode.

IMG_4094 - Copy

There isn’t much poseability in this mode really.

IMG_4095 - Copy

In Battroid the back-heaviness really becomes an issue. The boom on the back of the fuselage extends to act like a tripod. However the wings tend to droop forward, getting into the way of the arms. I’m also worried about the durability of the hinge on the wings as there are no extra supports for the added weight. I suppose maybe the Armor Parts have the same issue, I’m not sure.

Also, during transformation the boom on the back of the fuselage needs to be removed and reattached in Battroid as it covers the head.

IMG_4096 - Copy IMG_4097 - Copy IMG_4098 - Copy IMG_4099 - Copy IMG_4100 - Copy IMG_4101 - Copy IMG_4102 - Copy IMG_4103 - Copy

Missile corn.

IMG_4104 - Copy IMG_4106 - Copy

Like the Super Parts the leg armour pieces don’t do anything. This time they attach more firmly to the legs so they don’t really fall off when transforming out of Fighter. You can just see the black flat support part at the top of the picture which keeps the crotch thrusted out.

IMG_4107 - Copy

Putting it on the stand requires the new crotch support to be removed. The old stand adapters still work for this mode.

IMG_4108 - Copy

Due to the arrangement of the shoulder cannons you can’t really rotate them to the sides without making them look awkward.

IMG_4109 - Copy

A very unwieldy add-on set. For those who don’t want to spend so much cash on the Super Parts, this would probably be a viable alternative.


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