Super Parts for VF-25F Renewal Ver.

I decided to get this off Mandarake before its price would continue shooting up to ridiculous levels. Despite it being opened and the box severely damaged, it didn’t come cheap.

IMG_4065 - Copy

IMG_4066 - Copy

IMG_4064 - Copy

The thin box conceals the large number of parts. Besides the Super Parts themselves a set of stand adapters are also provided.

IMG_4028 - Copy

Most of the parts are clip-on affairs except for five parts which require swapping.

IMG_4063 - Copy

In Battroid mode they are the pieces on the sides of the hips, the collar/shoulders and the crotch plate.

IMG_4029 - Copy

There is a generous amount of stamp printed markings, especially the white lines and accents which remind me of the markings on recent Gundam models. I think it was the Gundam 00 2nd season Gundams that started it all.

IMG_4030 - Copy

They look really good in Fighter mode. The 25F might have used Super Parts most frequently, it seems to be the most memorable appearance.

IMG_4031 - Copy

The plane is tilted forward due to the additional bulk around the legs. The leg armour pieces have flaps to make way for the original landing gear to fold out.

IMG_4032 - Copy

The large pieces on the wing roots reduce the number of clicks on the wing detents by one.

IMG_4033 - Copy

The red missile pods are annoying because they don’t lock into any position. Also the antenna/pitot tube thingy on the back is really sharp and delicate as it’s hard plastic.

IMG_4034 - Copy

All the thruster nozzles on the parts are on ball joints. Even the tiny ones.

IMG_4035 - Copy

On the underside it’s a different story. The thigh covers conceal the intake covers but they don’t clip on at all and the one on the left leg on my copy simply falls out. It’s really irritating so I just leave them off until I finish transforming or posing it. Even then it’s frustrating trying to get them to stay on. IMG_4036 - Copy

The new stand adapters have even more attachment points, making it even harder to attach the toy onto them.

IMG_4037 - Copy

There is an extra latch that clips onto what becomes the front crotch piece which is difficult to clip on without some frustration and breaking out into nervous sweating.

IMG_4038 - Copy

IMG_4039 - Copy

Gerwalk mode is one of the biggest failures on this set of parts. The huge chunks on the wings block the arms completely. IMG_4040 - CopyThe knee covers also bump into the thigh armour making them drop off every time.

IMG_4041 - Copy

While the lower legs look nice and bulked up the tabs on the parts aren’t that tight and when transforming it to and from Fighter the side pieces tend to come off which is a bit irritating.

IMG_4043 - Copy

Forgot to show it earlier on but the missile pods can open.

IMG_4042 - Copy

It can’t really do any poses in Gerwalk so all you can do is mess with the legs. The new stand adapters have an extra clipping point at the back of the fuselage. I think it’s to reduce the load on the built-in support arm that props the back of the fuselage up.

IMG_4044 - Copy

Battroid mode is considerably back-heavy and with the quickly weakening joints it’s better to place it on the stand instead. The wing backpack also doesn’t lock in position and moves around due to the weight of the tanks. Also the loose thigh pieces are a pain.

IMG_4045 - Copy IMG_4046 - Copy

IMG_4046 - Copy IMG_4047 - Copy

IMG_4048 - Copy

IMG_4049 - Copy IMG_4050 - Copy

IMG_4051 - Copy

Again the shoulder missile pods don’t lock and can pop off their ball-jointed arms easily. For those obsessive people like me it’s annoying to keep adjusting their position to make sure they look symmetrical.

IMG_4052 - CopyIMG_4053 - Copy IMG_4054 - Copy

The weight of the large tanks makes the wing backpack “flap” forward as it sags.

IMG_4055 - Copy


The light gray armour pieces on the sides of the hips can actually be detached, leaving behind some unsightly holes which aren’t on the original parts. IMG_4056 - Copy

On the other hand the crotch piece is a complete replacement. It also looks a bit bland compared to the original. It appears to be panel lined – I think it might have been done by the previous owner, I’m not sure.

IMG_4057 - Copy

IMG_4058 - Copy


Compared to the other 2 modes, the Battroid stand adapter is smaller and allows the waist to rotate because it only attaches to the thrusted crotch area. It looks like the toy might lean backwards but it seems to be doing its job well. IMG_4059 - Copy

IMG_4061 - Copy

IMG_4062 - CopyIMG_4060 - CopyIn all, an almost necessary add-on that might hamper the toy in some areas. It’s also becoming rare and expensive on the secondary market, so it might be better to just get a VF-25A and its Super Parts before they also go up to ridiculous prices.


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