SH Figuarts Machine Zerohorn

Hot on the heels of Zero Form, here’s a rather short review of his accompanying bike.

IMG_3932 - Copy IMG_3933 - Copy

IMG_3934 - Copy IMG_3935 - Copy

IMG_3947 - Copy

Package contents. You get a base, gripping hands for Altair and Zero Forms and a spare pair of handlebars with the side mirrors separated.

IMG_3936 - Copy IMG_3937 - Copy IMG_3938 - Copy IMG_3939 - Copy IMG_3940 - Copy IMG_3941 - Copy IMG_3942 - Copy IMG_3943 - Copy

It turns out to be a rather plain and cheap-looking bike. Like most other bikes in this toyline it has working steering, foldable kickstand and rear suspension. Clear parts are used for the head and tail lights.

IMG_3945 - Copy

There’s a slot on the otherwise blank instrument panel. It’s meant for inserting cards for traveling through time with the bike inside the train cockpit, controlling the train like one of those arcade motorcycle games.

IMG_3946 - Copy

The plastic spring provides some slight suspension action for the rear wheel.   IMG_3948 - Copy IMG_3949 - Copy IMG_3950 - Copy IMG_3951 - Copy IMG_3952 - Copy

Overall a rather plain-looking accessory. Pretty much all Riders don’t even use their bikes after the first episode they appear in, they should just be called Kamen Walkers or something. I got it out of impulse and because shipping is flat rate.



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