SH Figuarts Masked Rider Zeronos Zero Form

This is nearly a recolour of the previously-released Zeronos Altair Form which I hesitated and missed out on when it was on sale for cheap because I have the old Souchaku Henshin figure which shared a lot in common with the SHF line except for its useless ankles and lack of clear parts for the visors. When the preorder for Zero Form came out along with his bike, I ordered both on impulse.

IMG_3891 - Copy IMG_3892 - Copy

IMG_3953 - Copy

IMG_3894 - Copy IMG_3895 - Copy

Package contents. You get the Denebick Buster, a red Zeronos Card, an extra belt buckle, parts for the ZeroGasher to be stored on the sides of the waist, a right hand for holding the Denebick Buster, a card-holding left hand, pointing right hand, a pair of hands for some poses I think, and a pair of open hands.

IMG_3899 - Copy IMG_3900 - Copy IMG_3901 - Copy IMG_3902 - Copy IMG_3903 - Copy IMG_3904 - Copy IMG_3905 - Copy IMG_3906 - Copy

Overall views. It’s identical to Altair Form except for the colours and the belt buckle. It’s in a matte red finish compared to the metallic green and silver of the original.

IMG_3907 - Copy IMG_3910 - Copy

The paintjob on the buckle is very detailed and well-done.

IMG_3911 - Copy IMG_3912 - Copy

The red areas on the thighs seem unevenly painted. Not sure if it’s deliberate.

IMG_3913 - Copy IMG_3914 - Copy

Since I don’t have Altair Form I guess I’ll go through the motions of a normal review. The waist can’t really crunch and the matte finish on the abs will be scratched by the top of the belt buckle.

IMG_3915 - Copy

The upper arms bump into the shoulders when you raise them so you have to twist them out of the way. The waist can rotate quite freely and the belt is a separate piece which I find tends to ride up and block the waist.

IMG_3916 - Copy

The hip joints are of the extendable variety.

IMG_3917 - Copy

The ankle joints are the now common type.

IMG_3918 - Copy

The extra buckle has the card removed from its slot. Notice the centre dial is also rotated to its neutral position.

IMG_3919 - Copy

The new hand for holding the Buster does its job but it’s not a very tight grip.

IMG_3920 - Copy

There is a slot on top for inserting the card. Also the other side of the red Zeronos Card is still properly painted. During the first transformation the yellow side was green, but it seems like subsequent cards are red/yellow.

IMG_3921 - Copy

Don’t have Altair Form to recreate his first transformation. I think I cried when I watched it happen in the series.

IMG_3922 - Copy


IMG_3923 - Copy

“Even if I’m rusty, I’m fairly strong.”

IMG_3924 - Copy

If you have Altair Form you can reuse the weapons. The stowed ZeroGasher is really annoying and the handle part on the right falls off its mount part really easily. The connection between the waist and the mount part is slightly tighter.

IMG_3925 - Copy IMG_3926 - Copy IMG_3927 - Copy IMG_3928 - Copy IMG_3929 - Copy

“Full Charge”

IMG_3930 - Copy IMG_3931 - Copy

The original Altair Form scores just a hair better with a larger set of weapons. This guy is probably more suitable for hardcore Zeronos fans. I mean, this guy freaking sacrifices other people’s memories of him (ie. his own existence) to keep on fighting and protecting his lover using a huge egg beater. He’s probably the reason why I got hooked on watching Kamen Rider until Fourze came along.


2 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Masked Rider Zeronos Zero Form”

    1. Maybe it’s easier to throw out a recolour instead of making a new mold for Vega form. I’m not so sure whether to buy it if it ever gets released, it will probably be like the Souchaku Henshin version except with clear eyes and better ankles which are useless when the long cape blocks everything.

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