Hyper Function LBX Achilles Deed

Here’s a quick review for the Hyper Function LBX Achilles Deed. I built it straight out the box without painting or applying any stickers. It has many parts from the original Achilles which I didn’t manage to paint or review last year.

IMG_3849 - Copy

IMG_3850 - Copy

IMG_3852 - Copy

IMG_3853 - Copy

IMG_3854 - Copy

IMG_3855 - Copy

IMG_3856 - Copy

IMG_3857 - Copy

Overall views. If you apply all the stickers it’s almost colour-accurate except for the insides of all the yellow vents on the torso and the waist armour.

IMG_3858 - Copy

Close up. The chin is supposed to be black and a sticker is provided for it. I noticed on the pictures of the painted normal version the chin is also light gray instead. IMG_3859 - Copy

IMG_3860 - Copy

The emblem on the chest can rotate 90 degrees if you can work it with your fingernail for Demonic Mode. A clear pink part is used for the inside. It doesn’t click or lock into any position so after messing with it a little it tends to rotate and go lopsided.

IMG_3861 - Copy

The shoulder armour also has a clear pink area.

IMG_3862 - Copy

The legs are slightly bulkier than on the Achilles due to the front bits.

IMG_3863 - Copy

The hole in the back is used to mount the cape on the original Achilles while for this guy it’s a hardpoint.

IMG_3864 - Copy

You get the Luminous Shooter rifle, the Dark Shooter and Dark Shield, other hands from the original Achilles, a part for mounting the Dark Shooter on the back, and various effect parts. Not shown is an included stand, the same kind that came with some older MG models.

IMG_3865 - Copy

The grip on the shield can be mounted in different orientations. The peg deploys for mounting onto the back.

IMG_3866 - Copy

Like so. There are some small flap details on the sides for which red stickers are provided.

IMG_3867 - Copy

The gun is mounted on the back using the included part. There’s a gray sticker for the top of the gun.

IMG_3869 - Copy

Like all other HF kits it has a complete inner frame. They call it a Core Skeleton.

IMG_3870 - Copy

Can’t remember how it was but on this guy the armour tends to fall off easily, especially the parts on the waist which fall off at the slightest touch.

IMG_3871 - Copy

All the armour is removable except the feet which are swapped between the core skeleton and the fully decked out version.

IMG_3872 - Copy

It’s mostly ABS plastic except at the ball-jointed areas which have polycap cups. The tiny head reminds me of those Souchaku Henshin figures from times of yore.

IMG_3873 - Copy

Due to the lighting the ABS parts have a different tinge. The waist joint can ab crunch if you pull it out a bit. The neck seems to be made of a part that’s slightly longer than the original one for the Achilles.

IMG_3874 - Copy

It can look up okay.

IMG_3875 - Copy

The shoulder joints have a wide range. Double joints on the elbows but they bend around 135 degrees.

IMG_3877 - Copy

Ball joints on the hips but there’s also a thigh swivel for even more range.

IMG_3878 - Copy

Nuff said.

IMG_3879 - Copy

The stand has an adjustable adapter but you have to disassemble it every time you want to change the angle so I used a different stand for the rest of the pictures. Unlike the runners of LBX kits the stand runner is the normal type so the manual tells you to twist the parts back and forth until they break off the runners. If I remember correctly it’s the same stand as the MG Wing Zero Custom.

IMG_3880 - Copy

IMG_3881 - Copy

It’s like the antihero version of the Achilles, opposite in every way.



IMG_3882 - Copy

IMG_3883 - Copy

IMG_3884 - Copy

IMG_3886 - Copy

The thruster effects go onto the yellow holes all over or on the undersides of the feet.

IMG_3887 - Copy

There are some orange bits on the rifle which are provided for by stickers.

IMG_3888 - Copy

IMG_3889 - Copy

IMG_3890 - Copy

If not for the loose armour, this guy is quite a fun kit.

9 thoughts on “Hyper Function LBX Achilles Deed”

  1. I recently stumbled upon the LBX by Sprukits, and I’m totally hooked on them. I have four of them built so far, but I’m looking into getting more.

    I’ve built them right out of the box, but I’m thinking of adding some weathering to them, to make them look more realistic.

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