LBX Odin

I got this at the same time as the Achilles D9, but spent around 2 months getting this guy painted because most of the colours were off. It also required a lot of paint mixing as many of the colours were not marker colours.
IMG_3621 - Copy

  IMG_3628 - Copy

It looks like this straight out the box. There are numerous stickers that do an okay job of providing the missing colours except the insides of the backpack and undersides of the wings. IMG_3629 - Copy

A rudimentary stand is provided. Transforming this guy requires some minor part swapping where the forearms are replaced.

IMG_3820 - Copy IMG_3821 - Copy

And this is how it looks like painted. I used Gundam markers for this guy, and other than white, yellow and red all the other colours were prepared by mixing the marker inks and hand painting them. If you compare the pictures with the unpainted version pretty much every part is lacking some colour.

IMG_3841 - Copy

IMG_3842 - Copy

IMG_3843 - Copy

IMG_3844 - Copy

IMG_3845 - Copy

IMG_3846 - Copy

IMG_3847 - Copy

IMG_3848 - Copy

IMG_3834 - Copy

I kinda rushed taking photos as I finished top coating it at dusk and forgot to do some overall views. Edited to include overall views. Here’s a closeup and almost everywhere has been painted it would be pointless if I listed every single area.

IMG_3835 - Copy
What I don’t like about Gundam marker inks is that they take many layers to cover the base colour up, and by then the paint layer has become so thick and uneven it becomes a lumpy mess. It also takes quite a while to dry and many a time I left behind fingerprints from clumsily bumping them by accident.

IMG_3836 - Copy

I’m not sure whether it’s because I used Mr Color thinner to thin the inks which are alcohol-based but the thinner seemed to make the colours in my paint mixtures separate and become a bit like a marble texture.

IMG_3837 - Copy

I’ll just take this chance to say this guy has rather poor articulation. The elbows and legs bend around 45 degrees. The legs fall off quite easily at the hips. The knees have double joints which can extend for the transformation but it makes the legs wobbly and the double joints only help the legs bend forward. The ankle joints are fairly limited but the rotating toes give the illusion of a much wider sideways ankle range. On the other hand the head can look straight up due to the transformation.

IMG_3838 - Copy

The back of the wings have to be painted white.

IMG_3822 - Copy IMG_3823 - Copy

Box art pose. The wings can be posed in all sorts of angles. IMG_3824 - Copy

I bought the custom weapon set containing the shield (“Beam Guarder”) for this guy. Maybe they exceeded their budget so the shield had to be sold separately. IMG_3825 - Copy

The shield handle is too loose for Odin to hold properly so I wrapped some tape around it. The gray areas on the shield were painted and I used the included stickers for the green bits. I just realised I also bought the effect part set for this guy and forgot to take pictures.

Attack Function!


IMG_3826 - Copy

IMG_3839 - Copy

I think I’ll update this post with the extra pictures next week. Edit: Updated to include pictures with the LBX effect part.

IMG_3840 - Copy

Just a small spiral effect where you simply stick the weapon into the back. The angle can be adjusted.

JET Striker

IMG_3827 - Copy IMG_3828 - Copy IMG_3829 - Copy

It’s a simple transformation and gives off a VF-1 vibe with the wings also mounted on the top of the fuselage and have variable geometry too.

IMG_3830 - Copy

It might be possible to imitate the Gerwalk pose by messing with the arms and extending the legs a little.

IMG_3831 - Copy

Super Plasma Burst

IMG_3833 - Copy

Would have been even better if the arms and legs could bend a bit more.

It’s not a very playable kit as loose joints and the transformation mechanisms in the legs make it quite wobbly. Now if only Bandai would release a Hyper Function version of this guy that is more solid. After all, both Ifreet and Achilles Deed need an opponent to fight with.


2 thoughts on “LBX Odin”

    1. Yea, it got ranked #1 in the LBX popularity poll. Too bad this kit doesn’t really do justice to it, really wish there was a Hyper Function version.

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