SH Figuarts Auto Vajin

This guy came right in time for me to review and upload for this week. It’s almost unbelievable I paid for it in full half a year ago at a convenience store in the cold of winter. Masked Rider Faiz’s bike/robot sidekick is inexplicably given the Tamashii Web exclusive treatment. A figure of Faiz with the Axel Watch equipped was also sold but I skipped that one because even as a big fan of 555 I don’t think another base form figure with just the watch equipped is worth spending money on. Besides, there’s a slim chance it might receive the renewal treatment like Kabuto did.

IMG_3775 - Copy

IMG_3776 - Copy

IMG_3777 - Copy

IMG_3778 - Copy IMG_3779 - Copy

Package contents. You get an extra head, the Thor’s hammer-like thing is an attachment for the Buster Wheel weapon, the Faiz Gear suitcase and mount, lock parts for Vehicle Mode, a support base, 2 extra pair of hands for Auto Vajin and 1 pair of handlebar-holding hands for Faiz which finally have their fingertips painted silver. After countless iterations, Bandai finally got those fingertips done right. Perhaps the exclusive watch-equipped Faiz might get the same treatment.

IMG_3780 - Copy IMG_3781 - Copy   IMG_3783 - Copy

IMG_3784 - Copy    IMG_3785 - Copy

IMG_3786 - Copy

IMG_3787 - Copy

IMG_3788 - CopyOverall views. The figure has a nicely proportioned Battle Mode until you remember that sometimes in the show it’s still a person in a suit. Too bad I don’t have my Faiz figure with me for comparison.

IMG_3789 - Copy

The head is detailed with a well-done paintjob.

IMG_3790 - Copy

The logo on the chest is transparent.

IMG_3791 - CopyUnfortunately the handlebars cannot detach so you can’t make Faiz pull out his lightsaber from there.

IMG_3792 - Copy

Oh check out the reality-defying drive chain on the back.  IMG_3793 - Copy

The visor can lift up to reveal the instrument panel underneath meant for Vehicle mode.

IMG_3794 - Copy

Despite having a ball-jointed neck the head can’t really look up and down. The antennae can swivel forward and backward. The arms can lift way up due to the transformation mechanism. The elbows are double-jointed, with normal ball-jointed wrists.

IMG_3795 - Copy

There is actually a waist joint hidden beneath the seat/belly plate. The hip joints are quite loose and can also swing backwards, again a part of the transformation mechanism. Unfortunately the ankles don’t have much sideways range.

IMG_3796 - Copy

The knees are double-jointed, a benefit from the transformation mechanism. There’s nothing on the hips to get in the way of kneeling poses.

IMG_3797 - Copy

The Thor’s hammer part is used to attach the front wheel to the hand for the Buster Wheel weapon. One of the axles on the wheel is also detached.

IMG_3798 - Copy

The rear wheel can unfold for some hover jet action but it’s too loose and simply sags. Otherwise it pegs into the back securely.

IMG_3799 - CopyOther than looking cool in the show this poor guy also received a lot of physical abuse from Takumi/Faiz.

IMG_3800 - CopyHe’s still hardy robot though.

IMG_3801 - CopyDelivers suitcases

IMG_3802 - CopyThe suitcase looks like it can accommodate the Faiz Gear accessories but I cannot confirm this.

IMG_3803 - Copy

Didn’t unfold the hover jet rear wheel as it would simply sag. Despite being a robot (or supposed to be one) it doesn’t come with a stand attachment and there isn’t a good place to clip it to either.

IMG_3805 - CopyRider Kick

IMG_3806 - Copy

“Vehicle Mode”

IMG_3807 - Copy

Due to the transformation the front fork doesn’t steer. Bandai also cheaped out in my opinion as the rear wheel does not lock in place without using the clear attachment which would have otherwise made this toy a perfect transformation rendition.

IMG_3808 - Copy

The kickstand can fold. The rear wheel has a lot of play though so the bike may tilt even with the clear support base on the rear wheel.

IMG_3815 - CopyYou can just make out the clear piece between the drive belt and the seat.

IMG_3814 - Copy

IMG_3813 - Copy

IMG_3812 - Copy

IMG_3811 - Copy

IMG_3810 - Copy

IMG_3809 - Copy

The handlebars are also quite rigid unlike other bikes which came with soft plastic handles. The manual also says to be careful not to break them when transforming as they hold the arms/front fork in place.

IMG_3816 - Copy

Attaching the suitcase attachment on the back requires you to partially transform the legs which is a bit of a hassle.

IMG_3817 - Copy

However the suitcase clips on nicely.

IMG_3818 - Copy

IMG_3819 - Copy

Lastly the extra head is meant for Vehicle mode and has an elongated appearance compared to the original.

The paintjob is nice, especially the silver areas and some copper-coloured piping visible in Vehicle mode. It also has decent articulation although the hips and legs are loose out of the box. The knees don’t have any detents though so you’re not sure whether you’ve accidentally gotten them into some deformed shape. It would have been better if it came with a stand attachment too. My biggest complaint would be the rear wheel which is loose and requires the use of a separate part to hold it in place in Vehicle mode.


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