Hot Toys MMS Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Last week I said I was running out of material to review so I went to dig this up from my pile of boxes and take some pictures of it.

IMG_3728 - Copy

I got this off Amazon for a relatively decent price. Also, the diecast War Machine Mk 2 is on there for almost half the price I paid for. Ugh.IMG_3729 - Copy IMG_3730 - Copy

IMG_3731 - Copy

I’m skipping the tray picture and posting just the contents because everything is black. IMG_3733 - Copy

As you can see there’s not much anyway. You get 5 hands which include a pair of fists, a pair of item-holding hands and a right hand for holding guns, the visor, a pistol and a display stand. IMG_3734 - Copy IMG_3735 - Copy IMG_3736 - Copy IMG_3737 - Copy IMG_3738 - Copy IMG_3739 - Copy IMG_3740 - Copy IMG_3741 - Copy

Appearance-wise I’d say this figure looks just okay. The promotional pictures for the movie make Anne Hathaway look more ideal/unrealistic. The suit is made of rubber so it might probably break down in a few years. IMG_3744 - Copy IMG_3745 - Copy

There is some sort of uncanny valley thing going on with that blank, aimless stare. The hair also seems to be longer than in the movie. IMG_3746 - Copy

I’m not sure why there are some shiny areas on the suit. It’s also textured. If it were made of cloth it might last longer, but I don’t think it’s possible to produce the texture on a fabric suit. It’s possible to undress the figure but I did not try. Inside the suit is a white undergarment. The torso also appears to be made of soft plastic. The utility belt hides the seams on the suit. IMG_3747 - Copy

Unfortunately it looks a little unnatural around the butt due to all the parts of the suit joining up. I’ve kept the protective material on the inside of the belt on as I’ve heard it might damage the rubber suit if they are in direct contact. IMG_3748 - Copy

IMG_3750 - CopyThe gloves and boots are made of fake leather. It’s a nice contrast from the suit material but it’s also prone to crumbling over time. IMG_3751 - Copy

The heels have a serrated design on the inside but are otherwise not knife-shaped. IMG_3752 - Copy

The mask is made of soft plastic around the straps, and metal for the movable arms which is very fragile. IMG_3753 - Copy

The visor itself is made of dark, almost opaque plastic. I stuck some tape on the inside of the mask to avoid any potential face-staining damage. IMG_3754 - Copy

The headsculpt looks much better with the mask on. It’s really frustrating to put it on as you have to get the hair to behave, and the peg at the back is hard to fasten as it simply bends out of shape rather than pegging in place. After that you have to keep slicking the hair back to make sure there aren’t any stray strands forming loose bows on the top of the head. IMG_3755 - Copy

You also have to be careful when messing with the visor as the movable parts make it fragile. IMG_3756 - Copy

The pistol has a removable magazine and a spring-loaded slide. The bullet at the top of the magazine is so well-painted it looks as if it could be removed. IMG_3757 - Copy

IMG_3759 - Copy

The base as the same motif as one of the promotional posters with ripples on the base. IMG_3759 - wCropped for potential wallpaper material

IMG_3770 - Copy

In terms of articulation it is mediocre at best as the rubber suit just stretches and prevents things from moving too much.    IMG_3771 - Copy

IMG_3772 - CopyThe elbows are double-jointed. The waist can rotate about 30 degrees, and doesn’t angle much as the suit just pulls everything back. Same goes for the shoulders.

IMG_3773 - Copy

The hips are the worst – the suit looks loose and wrinkly in many poses yet don’t allow the legs to splay very wide. The double-jointed knees are a bit of a waste because there is not much hip range to do with. IMG_3761 - Copy

I’ve tried to imitate the poses on promotional pictures but it’s unfortunate that the figure isn’t as flexible as its real-life counterpart and looks stiff. IMG_3762 - Copy IMG_3763 - Copy IMG_3764 - CopyYou can’t really put her in a good-looking kneeling pose, much less into any of her trademark crawling poses.

IMG_3765 - Copy IMG_3766 - Copy IMG_3768 - Copy IMG_3769 - CopyWhat does the Scouter say about his power level

Overall a mediocre figure at best – it won’t last due to its materials and isn’t flexible so you can’t really reproduce many poses. I would have preferred slightly more exaggerated proportions. This was my first Hot Toys figure and I had considered getting Black Widow as well, but seeing the Winter Soldier version I wasn’t keen on going deeper into the line. It seems like there’s something off with the headsculpt again, and it might end up with mediocre articulation due to the bodysuit. I think a well-sculpted six inch figure would be more fun and have better value for money.


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