SHF Masked Rider Agito Burning Form

Unfortunately I haven’t been doing reviews regularly so I might be out of material next week. I’m gonna have to think of something.

IMG_3377 - Copy

IMG_3378 - Copy

I got this from Hobby Search after a restock and it was cheaper than buying it second hand from places like Mandarake. IMG_3379 - Copy IMG_3380 - Copy

Package contents. There are 4 extra pairs of hands which are actually just open hands and weapon-holding hands in two different styles. The Shining Caliber comes in both forms (can’t remember their names).IMG_3383 - Copy

Overall views. It looks quite nicely proportioned compared to the base form probably due to the bulk of the torso. IMG_3384 - Copy IMG_3385 - Copy IMG_3386 - Copy IMG_3387 - Copy IMG_3388 - Copy IMG_3389 - Copy IMG_3390 - Copy IMG_3391 - Copy

The metallic red is very nicely done. I think this form looks more badass than the final Shining form so I skipped that. It turns out I have most figures from the Agito series – must be due to their diverse designs. IMG_3392 - Copy

The belt is made of clear plastic. You can barely see the orbs to the left and right of the main purple one. IMG_3393 - Copy

The spikes on the forearms are rigid plastic. IMG_3394 - Copy

The black areas are mostly matte to make for a nice contrast between the suit and the armour. IMG_3395 - Copy IMG_3396 - Copy

Unfortunately due to the matte finish, ab crunches will scratch the belly areas. IMG_3398 - Copy

There is a new kind of shoulder joint which swings outwards. The shoulder pauldrons are also difficult to move out of the way. IMG_3399 - Copy

As a result you can’t raise its arms much. The ankle guards are made of soft plastic. Feet are not diecast and use the newer kind of ankle joint which is much less conspicuous, maintains the same wide range but is harder to manipulate as well. IMG_3400 - Copy IMG_3401 - Copy

The weapon-holding hands are angled differently. The gems are clear and see-through and there are intricate patterns along the blades. Very nice. IMG_3402 - Copy

Powered by rage. IMG_3403 - Copy IMG_3405 - Copy

Would have been better if it came with flame effect parts for its punches. IMG_3407 - Copy

It’s no slouch in the kicking department either. IMG_3408 - Copy

Summoning his weapon. IMG_3409 - Copy IMG_3411 - Copy IMG_3412 - Copy IMG_3413 - Copy

Sunlight changes him into Shining Form.

Among the various forms I think this is the best-looking one. There are some limitations in the range of its shoulders but its badass appearance makes up for it.

Incidentally on my copy the left wrist joint was stuck and could not rotate. I was stupid enough to force it using a pair of pliers and sheared off the ball area, leaving the peg stuck in the arm. I actually left a message on Bandai’s support site with my mediocre Japanese, and I received a reply saying that once they get stock they would send me a replacement figure.

2014-02-01 16.07.33 2014-02-15 12.38.27

They also requested me to return the broken one, and it was a hassle-free procedure as they included the shipping label all filled and completed already. All I had to do was put the broken one in the new blister pack, slip it back in its shipping box, slap the shipping label and leave it at a convenience store. I did not have to pay a cent. I guess it’s a good thing about living in Japan. If you read online forums you’ll see people complaining that Bandai’s customer service sucks etc. because we are actually outside their target market.

Now I’m thinking whether to request a replacement for my broken VF-171. :p

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