Armored Parts for DX Chogokin VF-171

I’m not sure but I think this is identical to the Armor Parts set for the VF-171EX. I think it’s a great add-on set; too bad it’s hampered by the issues on the main toy itself.

IMG_3682 - Copy

IMG_3683 - Copy IMG_3684 - Copy IMG_3685 - Copy

Better than one of those ridiculously overpriced 4-piece excuses.

IMG_3687 - CopyApart from the Armor Parts a pair of wings with hard points is provided, with ordnance like missiles, launcher pods, MDE bombs and Reaction warheads. An extra pair of mounting pins for the wings is also provided. I heard that on the original VF-171EX they were loose, but the issue seems to have been rectified on this version.

Fighter mode

IMG_3710 - Copy

The armour add-ons mostly involve the legs, forearms and chest. The wings are replaced with ones that have hard points on them for mounting the included payload. While it’s easier to switch the wings in Fighter, the arms and legs go on easier in Battroid or Gerwalk.

IMG_3711 - Copy IMG_3712 - Copy

The leg armour has its own set of landing gear. It’s not die-cast though, unless you count the axles.

IMG_3713 - Copy

Ready to drop some massive heat.

IMG_3715 - Copy

The MDE bombs and Reaction warheads are lovely. Not sure if they fit on other toys though, I didn’t try.

IMG_3716 - Copy

Gerwalk mode

IMG_3703 - Copy

The armour doesn’t make the transformation different, but returning to Fighter is a bit more problematic as the armoured legs have even less clearance to rotate at the knees and will bump against the underside of the backplate if you follow the instructions to the letter. Instead I leave the Gerwalk thigh joint extended, straighten and retract the knees before rotating them, then retract the thigh joints so everything fits together. There’s also less risk of ruining the locking mechanism on the knees as they don’t exactly lock precisely.

IMG_3704 - Copy IMG_3705 - Copy IMG_3706 - Copy IMG_3707 - Copy IMG_3708 - Copy

Armless Gerwalk

Battroid mode

IMG_3688 - Copy

The armour complements Battroid well.

IMG_3689 - Copy IMG_3690 - Copy IMG_3691 - Copy IMG_3692 - Copy IMG_3693 - Copy IMG_3694 - Copy IMG_3695 - Copy IMG_3696 - Copy

The chest armour is a simple clip-on affair.

IMG_3697 - Copy

Same for the forearms but they go on more securely. The gun can swing but the launcher block thingy on the left arm is static.

IMG_3698 - Copy

The thigh pieces simply clip on but fall off a little easily. The leg pieces are slightly harder to get on but I find it easier to start from the outside pieces. Once done they attach firmly via pegs. The thruster nozzles aren’t articulated.

IMG_3699 - Copy IMG_3700 - Copy IMG_3701 - Copy IMG_3702 - Copy

I really like the Armored VF-171. It makes it look even more badass. While the VF-171 itself has its own problems, this set doesn’t really take anything away at all and offers a little bit more playability by giving it a few more weapons.



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