SHF Masked Rider Blade King Form

Here’s a review of the Tamashii Web exclusive Blade King Form. The orders for this guy were so brisk and Bandai put out a second round of preorders. When I made my order I could only sign up for the second round which was a January 2014 release. Back then I didn’t have much of a setup so pardon the crap pictures.

IMG_3325 - Copy IMG_3326 - CopyI don’t remember SHF boxes not being see-through though.

IMG_3327 - Copy

Too bad it doesn’t come with the cards for the finisher. IMG_3328 - Copy

IMG_3329 - Copy

Package contents. A set of plastic cards and 7 hands are included: a right had for holding the included cards, 2 types of weapon-holding hands and a pair of open hands. The Rouze Absorber in its opened configuration and the King Rouzer are the main accessories. IMG_3330 - Copy IMG_3331 - Copy IMG_3332 - Copy IMG_3333 - Copy IMG_3334 - Copy IMG_3335 - Copy IMG_3336 - Copy IMG_3337 - Copy

Overall views. I actually have the old diecast Souchaku Henshin figure long ago which cost probably around a third of the price of this figure and to be honest the gold plated armour on the old figure looks more regal than this version. IMG_3338 - Copy If only the old figure had clear eyes.  IMG_3339 - Copy

The Undead symbols all over the figure are intricately detailed.  IMG_3340 - Copy IMG_3341 - Copy IMG_3342 - Copy

IMG_3344 - Copy IMG_3345 - Copy IMG_3346 - Copy

There is a mechanism on the shoulder armours that allows them to get out of the way during poses. IMG_3347 - Copy

They end up bumping into the head though. IMG_3348 - Copy IMG_3349 - Copy

As with most newer figures in the line it has no diecast feet. IMG_3350 - Copy

You are supposed to apply stickers onto the clear area of the opened Rouze Absorber. IMG_3351 - Copy

The feet have painted detail on the soles as well. IMG_3352 - Copy IMG_3353 - Copy

The King Rouzer looks great except for the peg on one side for mounting on the side of the waist. IMG_3354 - Copy IMG_3355 - Copy

The card container can be removed so you can retrieve the cards after inserting them into the sword. IMG_3356 - Copy IMG_3357 - Copy IMG_3358 - Copy IMG_3359 - Copy IMG_3360 - Copy

Royal Straight Frash!IMG_3361 - Copy

IMG_3362 - Copy IMG_3363 - Copy IMG_3364 - Copy

Didn’t have a stand with me at the time so I had to make do with whatever I had. IMG_3365 - CopyGiven the price of this guy and its limited run it would have been great if it also came with cards for displaying its finisher. The old Souchaku Henshin version cost way less and had gold plated armour.



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