LBX Achilles D9

Seeing how Bandai might be giving up on their awesome Hyper Function line by skipping Odin I decided to not to wait and just get the existing kits of whatever I wanted before they got discontinued instead of hoping for HF renditions. No WIP as I don’t have my airbrush with me.

IMG_3425 - Copy

IMG_3426 - Copy

Here’s how it looks before applying stickers. For the most part the colours are accurate except for the swords which only come in a single colour and airbrushing them would probably involve multiple rounds of fairly intricate masking. The clear eyes are a pleasant surprise. IMG_3507 - Copy IMG_3508 - Copy

Since I didn’t have my airbrush I decided to paint this guy using Gundam markers instead. It’s a bit like swallowing my pride though. You can see how shitty the gold turned out on the swords. I should have painted them using a brush instead. IMG_3509 - Copy IMG_3510 - Copy

The tops of the shoulders were painted red and the hand guards blue. IMG_3511 - Copy

The triangles on the binders and the joint areas on the ankles were painted. IMG_3512 - Copy

The rear hip armour and the back of the feet as well. The seam lines are just screaming for attention. I did not fix them as I didn’t buy cement and sanding supplies. IMG_3513 - Copy IMG_3514 - Copy IMG_3515 - Copy

The collar was painted too. IMG_3516 - Copy

IMG_3517 - Copy

From left: Durandal, Hauteclaire, Sword Bit x 8. Way better than the weapon names on the other guys like “Achilles Lance/ Achilles Shield”.IMG_3518 - Copy

Got a repacked Tamashii Stage Act 5 from a Yellow Submarine shop here. They seem to be better than the older Act 1 versions which I still have leftovers back home. Maybe I should have stuck with the 3-pack this time. IMG_3519 - Copy IMG_3520 - Copy

Articulation is fairly basic as always so don’t expect to be able to pull off the dynamic noclip poses in the anime. IMG_3521 - Copy

If you watch frame-by-frame you’ll notice serious noclipping all the time. IMG_3522 - Copy

With this guy in hand I’m not sure if I’ll get the HF version if Bandai actually gets around to making one. IMG_3523 - Copy


IMG_3524 - Copy


IMG_3526 - Copy IMG_3527 - Copy

Besides the swords the head required the most painting. The V mark and the red around the eyes, the light gray on the base of the mohawk and the darker gray lines along the sides.

6 thoughts on “LBX Achilles D9”

  1. I painted mine with brushes too, though still in the works because some of my brushes are… bleh… i need to get a new one.

    But for marker-grade paints it’s actually tolerable.

  2. Please teach me how to paint with gundam markers ): I have some but every time I try to paint I end up messing up.

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