Original Effect Reborn Body

No, this blog isn’t turning into 1/6-only content. Yet. Back then I got the first figure from Original Effect and complained about how horrible it was. One year later I willingly got ripped off again by ordering the Reborn Body from Amiami. Has the company’s quality control improved over the past year? We’ll see.

IMG_3486 - Copy

The packaging is comparatively simple for a toy of this price, but it seems they are going for the same style as the other more established sixth-scale makers. You get the figure itself, a bikini set hidden in the bottom and 3 extra pairs of hands. I said earlier I got ripped off by Amiami but a trip to Akihabara revealed that while the toy shops there were selling her for even higher prices, almost all were sold out.

IMG_3487 - Copy IMG_3488 - Copy IMG_3489 - Copy IMG_3490 - Copy IMG_3491 - Copy IMG_3492 - Copy IMG_3493 - Copy IMG_3494 - Copy

Overall views. Like the rest of their previous figures it retains the silhouette and mile-long legs that make it stand a head taller than most other sixth-scale figures. The bikini stains the soft torso readily. You can also see a blue stain on the back which would have been visible during the packing process but clearly after a year the company still doesn’t give a flying hoot about its quality.

IMG_3495 - Copy

Some people may not like the permanent lip-biting face which probably needs a pair of shades. Compared to their first figure the sculpting around here has improved – the hair doesn’t look like Play Doh, and there is some airbrushed eyeshadow. The eyelashes are still the thick separate kind.

IMG_3496 - Copy

The waist joint doesn’t really have any range, compared to the floppy mess on the previous iteration. You can also see how crude the clothing is.

IMG_3497 - Copy

The feet and heels have changed and the lovely killer heels look much better than the previous version, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the horribly loose ankles. The figure still can’t stand and I was so irked I went to pour super glue into the ankle cups to fix the ankles. Maybe I shouldn’t have done something that drastic though.

IMG_3505 - Copy

Fortunately the feet aren’t glued to the heels this time. They’re quite hard to remove, but I managed to pull them out by twisting the shoes a bit. They’re still made of the same bendy plastic as before. After that I trimmed the foot pegs a little to make the shoes easier to remove and replace. IMG_3498 - Copy IMG_3499 - Copy

The neck can move a bit but will spring back due to the soft torso. IMG_3500 - Copy

The joints are tighter this time round. I read somewhere that they seem to be copying certain ball-jointed doll styles. The shoulder joints aren’t loose but can be popped out fairly easily for dressing up thanks to the soft torso. IMG_3501 - Copy

There is no thigh swivel and the hips limit how high the legs can be raised. IMG_3502 - Copy

However the thigh cups have cuts in them so they can be put in a split, though I wonder what is the use for them.

IMG_3506 - Copy

The extra hands don’t have painted fingernails. Overall they still look better than those generic, featureless 1/6 hands.

In the end, despite some slight improvements after a year they still haven’t got their basics right, and their claims of being 1/6 scale are still rubbish as the large bodies still can’t fit most clothing. While they have some nice designs, the horribly quality and pricing really put them down.


IMG_3503 - Copy IMG_3504 - Copy A line of clothes with really shitty names were announced along with the body itself and among the 3 designs this maid-style dress seemed to be the most popular. I found the last remaining set in a shop and decided to get it anyway. The other two weren’t selling as well.

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